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Gas Shots…


Stank Booty Gets Paint…

Eric sent me a photo to let me know how much he loved my car and its horrendous body.

Rich texted me a few times to let me know the prep on my car was taking longer than expected. I tried to warn them!

I did a few things to get it ready but couldn’t get to it all. I fixed a hole in my rear bumper, and a few other plastic spots, got rid of a bunch of tar and a mystery rubber all over the car.

This was the next shot I saw and I was amped. I decided to go with no added pearl and I’m glad. Eric and Rich’s cars looked nuts but I wanted a more simple quiet look since my car isn’t making 400hp and I don’t drive nearly as good as those dudes.

Matchy Matchy

Car could use a good cut and buff.

Monday I got the car home and started to assemble it.

My ocd was screaming when I dropped it off knowing it wasnt going to be perfect but I was super happy with how it came out for what it was.

A spot on the bumepr I filled that previously was for DZus fasteners. I didn’t prep it right and the paint just seeped into it.

It can always be touched up later!

Thursday night I took the car to my local home depot parking garage and finished attaching everything. New roof spoiler and some other additions.

Fixed a few issues with the headlight and got the alignment a bit closer in. It was way way way off in a rush to get the car drivable to paint.

Paint Preperation H…

With 2 days to get ready for paint I needed to swap my chewed up front fenders for the straight ones I bought about two years ago. I also needed to clean up this weird rubber spashing on the car. This chassis had some super strange stuff with it since I got it. Actually when I saw it in person I decided not to buy it. But Ali who was selling it gave me a decent deal. Being that it was a 5 speed manual car I bought it. But I wish I went with a nicer body.

Having a small garage with no light has its drawbacks. As darkness fell I had to use touch more than sight. I cut myself so many times and smashed many parts of my body.

I had a spare bumper and new sideskirts as well to get painted. I put the fiberglass bumper on because I knew I would not have a truck to carry the spare and the oem could be folded into a car.

This is the reason I went to a 235/35/18. The frame on the SC is insanely low and 40 series would get caught on transitions. The car bottoms out but I went with a 20kg spring to try and limit that.

Installing stuff months after you get it is such a bad idea. I found out while putting the drivers side fender on that ALL the mounting holes not under the hood were broken off and missing. So I fitted it the best I could in the dark. I had to hammer the lips flat as well since I didn’t have my fender roller. So they came out pretty bad. I should be able to smooth them out with the roller later though.

My neighbor friend Nate loaded up the bumper in his Camaro and we drove 1.5 hours to Eric’s house to drop the car off.

Then Eric showed up with the other cars. FC and S13 both LSX making around 400hp each. Boss.

Knuck If You Buck Boy…

I got word recently that my homies SC went up in a fire. Super bummed about it. I plan to give him my old shell and all spare parts so he can get a ride out mobile asap.

I hit up my dude Richman to get my knuckles cut finally. The steering on the SC is insanely crappy. I installed a Maverick Motorsports rack spacer, and while it greatly improved the angle it has blown two racks. I spoke to Alex Pfieffer and he let me know that he has never been able to use one without blowing racks. So I decided to get my knuckles cut (although being against them in the past) as the SC has the worst angle stock.


While there and checking out the shop he let me know that he and his cousin Eric were going to be painting their cars that Friday. We had attempted to coordinate colors in the past, specifically LP2 Midnight purple but the paint was just too expensive. Eric had gotten a significant discount so I decided to jump in. I went home and immediately started to prep the car.

The Bridge is Over Fenders…

I took a friday off to go over to my friend Collins shop. He was stopping in only for a short time to do a few things before he went to NY. But he was kind enough to let me use the space and tools to cut the car up for over fenders. I had to raise the car to get it to the shop as the speed bumps going to the shop were pretty big. That morning I pulled the car out the garage and jacked it up. I walked back to get a jack stand and heard a loud crash. The car fell off the jack. something made me wait to pull the wheels off and I’m glad I did. Twice I left for Collins shop and had to return to the garage to tighten the suspension. Hicas on full lock.

Electricity everywhere!

It took me a while to warm up to doing overs. The fact that the paint on this car was so bad made it easier.

I used a razor to mark where to cut.

One motion had cut the inner fender already so the bacon method was out the door. Once I started cutting I felt totally good about doing over fenders.

The entire quarter was bondo. So much that dust covered the shop and the car.

I didn’t want to cross the body line in case I decided to go back to metal flares.

Then I realized that was stupid.

My welding plus the contaminated metal and the not greatest welder made for some sucky welds.

Celebretory burnie.

On the way home all five passenger rear studs broke leaving me stranded. Luckily I had just gotten off the main road.

Before this the suspension felt great on the street.

Thanks to Jackie, Punch, and a fellow named Ron that stopped to help out I got it back home about 1:30am.

That Sunday I trimmed the overs to fit, i primed the welds, added fender liner, and filled the gaps with expanding Urethane.

Unfortunately I did not have the fitting I needed (M6) for my rivnut gun. So I ordered one and just mocked the quarters up.

Now that the quarters were sealed I was able to instal my rear seats finally. They make the car feel soooo much better. I have a few trim pieces to swap out and the belts still need to come out.

I also started to work on the ashy rear deck that had the GT wing on.

On a whip I decided to wrap it in Rose Gold. I stink at wrapping and it came out pretty bad. I had to cut it in two and sand the peeling clear coat down. I plan to get a Bomex rep spoiler to hide the seam.

That finally brings us current. I missed a ton and some is out of order but whatev.

It’s been a…looong Decemberrr…

On the red SC I kept breaking the rear lip from dirt drops and general foolishness. So I found a company called Rideskins selling a urethane lip. It was $325 plus shipping but I figured it would last me forever. It fit like general stankness but whatever. AT least the back of the car didn’t look unfinished anymore.

I actually had a flat in this picture.

A friend who is pretty much responsible in some shape or form for almost all the wheels I have, Jonny, found some Weds for sale on Zilvia and I drove to NY to get them. The guy was pretty cool. He had just moved back from Japan and he told me of his drifting experience there. The drive to NY sucked so bad as I was in the SC. I was supposed to drive to a friends house and then we would take his truck up. But when I got to his house he was knocked out and did not wake up until I got the wheels. The ride actually shook some bolts loose in the car! But worth the trip.

Bumper number 7 and sideskirt #2 for the M3.

After searching for a few years for a decent priced legitimate Gardis 3 I found one on ebay in Thailand. I hopped on it despite the 3 month shipping estimate :/

3rd brake light delete and LED brake light

Failed attempt at flocking.

It only looks good wet.

Tire run. This never ends.

One of my favorite shots of the M3. Sat night after church.

Finally got around to installing the bride fabric.

The paint even looks sus in a render.

Early fall snow. Thanks PA

Jonny coming through again found these on YAJ. Finally a full set of Diablo’s as we call them.

They were in decent shape but in a bad need of polishing.

So the SC still far from done was put into “winter gear” and then eventually put in storage. I swapped the GT wing and hood vent for the hood and trunk from my SC400. I actually love the stock SC400 spoiler. And as much as I love the Equips on the SC they will not be staying.

Around this time Clazzio finally delivered my back seat. I hate gutted cars. They look so unfinished and uncomfortable.

There was no way to attach the back portion of the seat. I contacted the company and they had no clue why. They said to just tuck it in. So instead of waiting another 6 months for a new cover I just used hog rings.

Brake flush and bleed in attempt to make the hydro not suck.

On the way home from a doctors appointment I was hit by an SUV switching lanes. Not much damage but the suspension and the wheel.

But getting out of the car I slipped on ice twisting the ankle I just had surgery on.

Around this time I had been saving up to get another GSXR-600. I sold my 08 2 year prior and had messed around with cafe racers in between but the itch could not be scratched.

So I found a cheap GSXR that needed what I thought (was told) was minor work.

I rode it home and it felt decently solid. But I soon found out it was pretty botched together. I still currently cannot get it to charge properly.

The seat came a bit early! I wasn’t quite ready for it but happy that it came in one piece.

Macho Man Randy Savage inspecting it.

To my parts pile it goes.

Suspension and brakes among other parts just piling up.
Driftworks rear camber arms.

EBC Yellow stuff front pads

finally got my divorce pipe back from being modified. It only took 10 months! But it was free so whatever…

recessed so you can actually bolt it down.

I also did something I thought I would never do. I bought overs. Test fit.

Taking apart the old PBM’s to redo.

You’re not helping.

Anti-seize on all the arm and threads. I learned my lesson.

designed some stickers for Lexus heads.

Off roading in the Q

Did the M3 coils, plugs, and valve cover gasket to fix the misfire at high RPM. Worked like a snake charmer.

Took a mini vacation for a 4 day trip to a winter cabin. Frozen lake was so good.

Took a trip to the homie Richman. We split a set of 235/35/18 KDW’s for fronts. Mounting them was fun as you can see.

Full set finally together.

All in an effort to emulate probably the best car I’ve done.

Another Flat

I lent Mishimoto my M3 to develop a radiator and oil cooler. Because most BMW guys hate the styling of my car they attempted to bail on the deal. But to their credit they did send over the parts for free. Just no install. Whatever.

Then another flat.

TRIED to polish the front Equips.

Panda Junction 2015


This was a Herculean task. Insane how much time and energy it took just to get the arms OFF the car.

Working in this space was just insane. So cramped, dark, and worst of all no electricity.

But I got it done. Pulling the car out of the garage. It was too low to get out. It actually got stuck so i had to jack it up and raise the front.

Test fitting the over fenders.

I bought an LS400 lip for the Q45 but its about an inch too short. Evan wanted to try it on his GT0 and it fit almost perfectly. Here its being held up by nothing.

The blunder years…

If you read the first entry that will take you up to last year about June? I’m not sure. This will fill you in during the media blackout hopefully. I stopped using my camera as well so there will be plenty of horrible cell shots.

But first!

My friend Michael “Trainwizard” Pearson was kind enough to take some pictures of all three cars for me. At this point I had lowered the Q45 and was using it as a daily while I worked on the SC and the M3 pretty much sat. So I had a few friends over to drive the cars for me while Mike took shots.

Jonny in the Q45 looking like a hitman. (click on the photo for full size)

Evan in the M3.

This wheel fitment killed me, so terrible.

…and me in my favorite of all three, the SC.

We stopped at the carwash to clean up the horrible paint some.

Jonny had some difficulty with cleaning the Q45.

M3 in dire need of a paint correction.

Lexus just in need.

When I first got this car I turned it down. It was in such bad shape I told the owner to take it back. He had driven up from Baltimore so he watned to make a deal. I got it for much less than the asking price and the only selling point was that it was an OEM 5 speed. Nothing else on it was sweet. The suspension was destroyed and the body work was just terrible. This picture shows that pretty well. You can also see the scratch on the car and black spray paint where One Motion backed their trailer into it.

3 cars I’ve wanted since I was a kid (except the M3, I always wanted an E36 M3). I would have been happy with one out of three, never did I imagine I would own all of them. God is good.

y u do dis?

This was a thread about my adventures with cars, motorcycles, and life in general. I started it years and years ago in my early 20’s on a site called Along the way I lost sight of why I was into cars and I decided to delete it and get back to that away from the influence that comes with forums. But I saved it because it was almost a diary of my life. Not just cars. Things that happened that are not written come back when I look at the pictures. I can see my growth as a man in the words, and I’m reminded of friends that I may not see or hear from as much now. So I decided to put it here in the most obscure corner of the internet. This first half is as it was written and where I stopped. I will do my best to fill in the approximate year or two that I decided to stop, then update to current times and beyond.

I had a car. Some thought it was cool others did not. I agree with the others.
Some pictures may not work. Keep refreshing till they do. If they never do, buy a new computer.

I wanted an S14 since I was 12. I liked S13’s but when the S14 came out I was hooked.
I had already decided I wanted an SC but they were so expensive the next best thing was the S14.
So my Sophomore year in college I sold my 3rd car to make that happen. I had just finished building my 92 Maxima VE30DE 5 speed. White on black leather. Friends told me I was a fool, and I knew I was giving away alot but I wanted my first realistic “dream” car.

I later tried to buy this car back as a daily but the last owner went to prison and I lost track of the car.

Cant find pictures of the first night I got the car but I went out right away and tried to drift it. Open diff and chopped springs made for a scary ride.
I drove it all the way home from Alabama for the summer. the 2nd or 3rd week I owned the car the KA blew. I had turbo bits I was collecting that I sold along with some other left overs from my Maxima and bought this:

I wanted an RB25 but I did not have enough saved.
Got to work.

8 hours of wiring and I could not get the fuel pump going, so I took it to a local shop who kept the car for 6 months. During that time I purchased my pops 91 Mercedes 350SDL Turbo diesel.

I abused that car trying to slide it. It kept a girl in the passenger seat EVERY weekend.
The ride home from college killed the Benz. But the S14 was finally wired. The chopped springs were not cutting it so I got some coilovers for it. K-sport. I wasn’t caking so thats what it was.

I upped the boost and did some tunning. ROM tune from Enthalpy

At this point I was introduced to 5 star by my friend, and met Reese again. Through them I met Fernando, Willy, and found JDM exchange for parts. Going to JDM I met Nick and Mike blah blah blah…

Parts started coming heavy. I purchased an INGS +1 kit with a Vertex bumper, spacers and some other junk.

Then did more sliding.

Got introduced to Clubloose and E-Town

Then I linked up with JDMTrent and Synauto he sponsored me for a free spot at ODS in Virginia.

My stock T25 took a poo so I upgraded to a GT2871r.

The 2871r was laggy and I still needed more power so I did some cams and headwork.

BC 272’s WAYY too laggy. Fun highway car at this point though. 4th gear was nuts.

Bea and I. Bootleg tandem? lol

Then some lighting.

The car was getting too much street time and too many mods so I bought a daily. 96 auto S14 SE

So the car got some chill time.

Bored with the look so I tried painted lips

Chevy Orange

Bored Christmas day. Out sliding on the back roads.

The Enthalpy ROM was way to rich so I went to Matt at Import to tune it.

That didn’t work so I went to Import DPS to have Chelsea tune it on the Dyno


We were up till almost 5am. The sniffer was broken so we changed the sniffer but the car was still reading about 14.0 but yet it was spitting flames soot and gass all over the back wall of the dyno. So Chelsea welded me in a Wideband and street tuned it.

Then I drove to Atlanta for Nopi Nationals and the Nopi Drift series.

Aparently the tune was all that good. =(

So my Uncle (rip) happened to be picking up a car in Florida stopped by ATL and picked me up. Drove me all the way back to the Illadelph.

Right away I got my parents van and drove to VA to get another motor from the same place I got my first one. Noyan. My man Jose hooked it up.


Still had my cherry picker from the first swap

Clutch had like 1200 miles on it.

I must have been washing my cylinders and killing my oil. There was a good half mm of soot on the pistons. Wideband was reading stoich on the highway and 11.0 WOT.

Did a reflash and the car would not start. So I had it towed to Import Intell again.

Turned out I had one blank chip and one tune for a honda. Pissed. I got my money back and ended up paying a massive bill at Import. The car still didnt run so I had it towed to some friends shop downtown. Northern Liberties.

Will got it running and I met Steve who was into ROM tuning. Between the tune the car was running. But I was sick of it so I tried to sell it like 6 times. No luck. I wanted too much.

Another Schassis meet

Gave up momentarily on selling it and painted the wheels again with a graffiti vinyls I designed.

Polished the cover at the shop in my school.

Trying to fresh the paint up

I made a splitter. It came out great but I destroyed it 2 hours later.

Subframe replacement.

At this point the car was running worse than it has ever run. Overheating, inconsistant AFRs, unda unda, lag, ugh just gay overall. Still it soldiered on and did some events.

Ironically I did more events while the car was sucking than ever before. I sucked at all those events. Street driving pretty much stopped here.

Cams were way too laggy. So I ditched the 272’s and got 264’s and Sard 850’s and this happened.

Blah blah blah, cams were flawed and spun on the gear. BC sent me another set and shazzam more mid range but no torque still =(

Did more work and more events

I got kicked out of a road course day for drifting. Got kicked out of a few Auto X’s as well.

Bored again so I stripped the wheels and started to polish them

Midnight waterpump and T-stat replacement in the back of Target

Sprayed the wheels purple. Polishing was taking wayy too long. Looked sooooooo bad.

Damage from the backroads.
Trying to slide with super lag and ultimate sucky tune.

FR500’s for track wheels. The color wasn’t doing it for me

More slidy. Got a full set of Rays Forged 350z Tracks

Drift Camp 08

Then the tradgedy hit. One saturday night I got hit twice in less than an hour. Both accidents happened within 20 yards of eachother. So close that the same officer mediated both accidents. The last dude was drunk and was trying to fight.

Needless the say the car was tired and had enough. My daily driver was stolen the same night as the accident so I had to rent a car. Then this happened Monday morning.

6am on my way to work I get T-Boned. This accident sent me to the hospital. I hit my head on the glass, and messed my neck up. I had to see a chiropractor 3 times a week.

Then my luck turned and God blessed. A 92 SC300 5speed. I wanted one of these since before I was into getting a S14.
First night.

240 parked for a bit to think about what it has done.

So slowly I started refurbing the S14

Powdercoated some orange flake

My imfamous paint sponsor

I didnt like the roof spoiler so that was sold to my homie Nater Totts.

The man said since I was a drifter I needed Rhino liner on my bumpers and no side skirts

So I took the car and gave it to 5star to fix

It still wasn’t …ehh… but I had missed most of the season and I just wanted to drive.

So I redid the engine, better and cleaner this time. I had a full time so I was able to up the freshness a little, but it was still a broke status build.


So, I had damage from drifting at Summit point. I folded my lower control arm and bent every arm under the car. The subframe itself was damaged too.
I had it towed to my brother and sisters house in DC. Some fool smashed the window and opened the trunk, stole my jack, but left the cash in the car and the two rims in the trunk. So I had it towed to my uncles house in Lanham. He got the bright idea to prop it up on a stump of wood while I was gone. He used my gas tank as a mounting point. Needless to say the gas tank was broken.

So now I had to replace the subframe, all the arms, and the gas tank. Easy right? lol

In order to replace the gas tank you must remove:

1. all arms
2. differential
3. axles
4. brake lines
5. driveshaft
6. exhaust
7. sway bar
8. blah blah blah
All the write ups I’ve seen it took no less than 3 people to do this, 2 if they had a lift. But Im Jamaican so I figure I count for at least 2 people, if I were Mexican I would be three.

Started about 8:30am finished about 12:30am

Juicy axle goodness

New tank

The old tank was leaking profusely. I had a migraine the whole day as the puddle was right where I needed to lay.

New lower mount for coilover

Subframe out

Old damaged subframe.

Tank out


I’ve never driven this car during the fall, something is always broken after the summer. I guess my fuel tank is the perfect place for squirrels to hid their nuts. lol

The offending crack.

Tank in

New subframe assembled. Shout outs to Nick for the hookup on a new subframe.

Going in. This was the hardest part. I had to hold the subframe with both hands while laying on my side. I used my legs to drag the jack forward and pump the handle up and down. I had to align the subframe to 4 studs and guide it up evenly or it would bind.

Done, Now to clean up all my tools. Where are they?

12:30am Quitting time. You might be able to see the dinner my sister brought me. How sweet. Juice too.

So I loaded all my tools into my Lexus and was driving home, and right before the Baltimore tunnel BAM flat tire. My SC was swerving across 2 lanes. With all the wieght of the car coupled with the wieght of all my tools and 2 spare wheels I fought to avoid the barriers and sleepy drivers clueless to what was going on. I just made the last exit on the bridge before the tunnel. It dumped me off in one of the sketchiest hoods I’ve seen. Now I’ve lived in some shady areas before and been to the slummiest of slums but for some reason this area made me super uncomfortable. So I found the brightest area I could and pulled to the side. As I was unloading ALL the tools to get the jack out I saw a cop stop at the nearby light. “Sweet!” I thought to myself. At least he will wait with me till I’m done and provide protection. As the light change I swear I saw the officer look at me, shake his head as if to say “You must be crazy to do that here.” and drive off.
So I pulled out a track spare and got to work. Out of nowhere 3 dudes wearing trench coats over what seemed like several layers of dark clothing rolled up on me asking for weed and if I wanted them to put the wheel on. Luckily I had 3 breaker bars on the ground (one of which is Will’s) and a jack handle so they didnt press me. I finished putting the wheel on and headed back to DC to get my other track spares Just in case. 20 min in BAM another flat tire. Emptied the trunk again to get the factory tire. Lowered the car off the jack and BAM spare was flat. So I rimmed it to a gas station and filled it with air. BAM it was leaking. So I rimmed it at 55 back to my uncles house and got a spare. Went back to my brother and sisters and just went to bed.

Woke up the next day and replaced the passenger window on the 240 which was a scary. I thought I was going to break the glass. I went up to MA Motorsports and got another axle. I got to meet Ray and Brian and look at the Zombie Horse under construction and a mean Z32 with an RB26, an E30 with a 2jz and more sickness. Drove back to DC and finished up the car. I didnt make it back to Philly till 9.30PM monday night. Longest weekend ever.

Found a matching spare after months of searching. Touges are discontinued but I got lucky and found one brand new sitting in a warehouse in Ohio.

Made a deal with some jerk face from the Pittsburgh area. (If I ever see him again I’ma beat him till the candy come out.)

Car got a sex change. It got some balls and will now be known as Booker T from hence forth even forever more.

One night I was frustrated and I was not going to work on the car. I decided to go to the gym and blow off some steam on the court. On my way out the door I decided to have a quick peek at the F3 socket. I had downloaded pinouts and FSM’s for both the S14 and the R33. Low and behold I figured out the issue and BAM! Booker T snorted to life.

Can’t imbed image shack. Link to the first start up. You can’t see much and the sound is booty.
[url=]ImageShack® – Online Photo and Video Hosting[/url]

Some booty shots of the e-bay. I need to start using my camera.

While putting the engine this happened.

I had about 6 guys helping me out and I had asked them to watch the jack stands while I was lifting the engine to make sure they weren’t tilting or anything. But they were chatting and not really watching. So the jack stand tilted and snapped. The car fell on my shoulder and arm. Luckily I reacted fast enough to get my arm out before it got pinned between the engine hoist leg and the tension rod of my car. I still got cut up by the rotor and some of the studs dug into my shoulder. But thank God it could have been alot worse. Im not blaming them but I work alot safer when I work by myself because I don’t rely on anyone and check and double check safety. So just a shout to remind you guys, BE SAFE!

Over night parts from Japan. This came from the other side of the world before something I ordered from NY same day arrived. It didn’t have a name or address on it so it was sitting in my directors office for a day and a half before I saw it.

Didn’t have time to finish the 240 and drive it around town before going down to the last DN event, so I took the SC.
I was up sat night in the snow changing tires, doing the parking shoes and tigtening the ebrake. Then woke up 4:30 am to leave by 5. friend was late and didnt have gas so we didnt leave till 7am. Got a flat tire in MD, and found a spot that had one in WV. We waited about 2 hours for them to mount the tire. They broke two of thier machines and had to take the wheel to a shop down the street but they got it on. Sweet.
First time really trying to slide the SC. It sucked. Original clutch was slipping very badly. In order to maintain a drift you have to be going pretty fast since the motor is a dog. The straights were pretty dry but the corners were sopping wet so I ended up in the mud ALOT.
I need alot more practice.

Got some play on SpeedHunters.
So glad they didn’t get me trying the double apex on the pistol. That was ugly.

I havn’t touched the car in a long time. Life is stressful inside this sesspool, I almost burst a blood vessel…
My license and registration have been suspended for a while. I should be able to get my license back, but the reg is going 90 days. Could be worse.
Yesterday Booker T took his first steps on his own. Sounds healthy. I bled the clutch and got the downpipe in. I had to bash its brains in with a BFH. These mounts are LOW and way back.
camera batteries died so cell phone it is.



I wanted to keep this motor as stock as possible for as long as possible but for room sake I had to change the intake manifold.
New parts came in last week. Radiator, intercooler, intake manifold etc. Idiots sent me the wrong radiator S13 instead of S14. Im sick of not getting the right stuff first time. I spend most of my time returning stuff. I will probably end up just using it.

Im fully convinced now that all these companies are the same. I ordered a Godspeed intake manifold and it came with ISIS stickers and stuff…

Anyway doing the intake manifold sucked. It was a hard job due to the tight space and all the coolant lines.

Some FF4 to keep me company.

It’s always at this point when I want to quit. I get bored easily.

I had to buy a drop saw to make a cold pipe since no one sells them seperately. (My next purchase is a welder and a band saw.)

Tight quarters

Like a gllooove. The Blitz intercooler that came with my motor was for a R33 and way too big for how low my car is. Even this one is pushing it.

Hotside done. For now. No BOV.

Cold side done ish?? I have to go back and re-do the coolant lines. TB spacer is sus. But I dont want to run the Q45. Im not running enough boost to justify it.

After I re-do the lines I’ll start it and it will run like butter on a bisquit.

Fired up.


So the engine is “done”. It runs really well and is super responsive compared to a SR. Now Im tearing it all down again to drop a metal headgasket in. Turns out the stocker is leaking. How sweet.
Out in the sun for first time in a while.

I threw my back out lifting the head off the block.


Car doesn’t overheat anymore, it actually wasn’t overheating in the first place apparently. I swapped out the RB cluster thermal transmitter for a 95 KA one. The RB transmitter and the Zenki cluster dont mix. Apparently the Kouki one does but not Zenki. As I type this I think I read this in the RHD RB build on here…

Did 4 or more coolant flushes and Im still getting rust from the block. Need to get the Prestone back flush kit.

Anyway. Got some new wheels 18×9.5 and 18×11 three piece jammies. Not sure what they are going on. Probly the SC. I’m getting some SSR’s from Nick as soon as I recover from this head gasket that I spent $340 on. Car needs to go to RT tuning this week for exhaust work and other little things I have no time or energy to do.


[/SIZE][SIZE=5]Got my license back, and my SC registered today![/SIZE] I feel like I did when I paid my bail in Tennesee and dipped!!

S14 was picked up yesterday and is at R/T tunning getting some wire tuckage and welding, and cutting, and crap. They are prob over there oggling over how sexy and organized the engine bay is, as well as the CUSH ledda seats.

A zilvia member spotted my car at R/T.

So far Im really happy with the service. Vince has kept me informed and is moving fast. Very professional guy. I don’t mind spending alot for quality service!

Vince told me I was on SpeedHunters this morning. They got me twice. Very cool motivation even if it was a general posting. They even got my brother’s Z in there.

Nevermind Im good.

Lowered the SC more this weekend since snow appears to be gone??????????? Knock on wood. Pictures tomorrow maybe.

240 should be done this week but I will be in Floeda playing ball on the beach.


Vince says he will be dynoing on Friday. Im mostly concerned about torque.
My guess is 290whp 285tq?


What a sucky night.
Picked the car up last night and it left me DEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF AN INTERSECTION.
Not even 3 blocks away from R/T. I tried boost once leaving the driveway and the car was running pretty crappy. I figured it was the o-rings on my fuel rail so I kept it out of boost. But pulling away from a red light the car just dies. Any throttle killed the car. Clearly it wasn’t road tested.
I had to use the starter to pull it out the road and managed to get it into a parking lot. This car is such a meat magnet. A total of 5 people came to ask me about the car and tell me about their own in my distress. I usually like talking to people about cars but I was trying to get the hell home! An older dude , who said he races stock cars, says was telling me how he had a special V6 in his malibu that smokes all the little ricers on the highway……………. 😯

Another guy CALLED HIS SON to bring his accord (which was actually very nice). They were actually cool people.

Bad picture but H22 4 door. spotless paint.

Anyway, the car was sputtering like mad and overheating. Spitting coolant out the overflow tank.
I fooled with the SAFC for a while and found that the settings for the Z maf was wrong. I couldnt remember what it should have been so I set it to 2 in and 1 out. Bam. Started working. Car still ran like a donkey but I could boost and get it home. Did a nice burn out in the back of Auto Zone to make sure it was ok.
The suspension is so shot the ride was scary. I was doing about 35mph on 309 but even still I had people following me for miles trying to get me to race. My e-brake lines got loose and started rubbing against the driveshaft making the LOUD NOISES!

Anyway alot of stuff is not done so I need to take it back to R/T.

Tranny wires still a mess. Speedo not hooked up. Wideband not hooked up. I didn’t check to see if they welded the bung in and even installed the sniffer. There are some exposed wires and the harness in the wheel well was loose and rubbing the tire.

bolt in came out decent. I need to cut holes in the rear panels and install them.

I’ll leave you with this photo. All I wanted was one bag of chips. Yes that is four bags of chips stuck in the vending machine after I fed it $3. This photo sums up my car galavants PERFECTLY. Throw out a bunch of money and what I want is still just out of reach. Just gets worse!

Wen’t to a pretty weak car show this weekend ($109 speeding ticket on the way down) Got to hang out with some old friends so it wasn’t a total waste (also hit up Gabes).

Sunday I got to work installing stuff.

I did brake lines, clutch line, did some soldering, and bleeding. I also fixed a ps leak and bled the ps system.

I had been thinking about my issues all week and got some ideas. Friday I came home and started to pull apart the wire harness. Double checking the work done against the ecu pinout and the Z32 Maf pinout. I also checked my old MAF which turned out to not be a S1 MAF, or a Q45, but a Series 2 RB25 MAF.

The wiring was a nightmare. About 6 splices for each wire from the ecu to the bay. Most of my time was tracing connections and unwrapping the harness. The factory MAF wires were not even being used. There were twisted connections made and seperate wires ran from the ECU straight to the MAF. Not even all the wires were connected. The worst part was I saw some speaker wire used. So I am now in the market for a new harness.
I finally got everything situated and tried to start the motor on the old setting. It didn’t start which was a good sign. So I changed it to the correct setting and it started right up. Ran alot better.

I got to meet SoBigSoFly aka Jose and his boy Alex. Two really chill dudes. Jose wants to trade his FRESH S13 for my SC300. When I say his S13 is clean, it is the nicest S13 I’ve ever sat in. The engine bay was immaculate and so was the whole car. Test drove it and it was perfect. Great midrange and it got sideways easily. The biggest thing was his 2 way was SILENT. Carbonetics. I dont know. I want to do the trade but I have some plans for the SC.

Not much to update. I have bad allergies and I couldn’t do much work this week because I was dripping snot all over my wires and soldering gun.
I did however just get my brackets to relocate my Z calipers. I can now run 12.75 Z track rotors. It’s all about looking cool.

Still waiting on my front spacers to clear the calipers. I should be getting tires mounted on the wheels today after work. Sunday I should be getting it in all official like.

Sunday was one of those days no matter what you do you can’t seem to make any progress.
I installed my RUCA and tried to do an symmetrical eyeball alignment to hold me over till I go back to R/T and get it done proper.
I measured one side and transferred the measurements to the same side but when I got from under the car the wheels were way off. Turns out the knuckle is bent! Easy to miss but I looked at the mounting point for the LCA on the bad side it was touching the dust shield for the rotor. The other side had like a 1.5 ” gap. So I will be checking Nick to see if he has one.

Did some more soldering and wrapped the wiring back up in the engine bay. Still have to do the interior side. I need a new KA thermistor as I broke the connection to mine shuffeling through the wires.
I CANNOT for the life of me get the idle down so I can do the timing. The car drives on the right setting but timing is off and gets stupid up high in the rpm. Can’t set the timing with the idle at 1500 so I got to figure that out soon.
So I went to do my inner tie rods. Got the old ones off but one boot was torn so I took a trip to Pep Boys, then Auto Zone, then Advanced and no one had the boots or the thermistor. So no install. I got home and called it quits. Car was fighting me way hard.
I did install my MA motorsports Super Angle Knuckles though!

Picked up knuckle from Elite Tuesday, went and got tires mounted at R/T last night. Install tonight.
I met a few guys getting some work done.
400 plus whp FD. So clean.

Tim’s wagon.

Pats 929. LOVE those works.

400whp plus Evo. Took a ride in this and it moves.

Pat got these beaded really fast.

Thanks to Elite for the knuckle. Fixed most of my alignment issue. Installed tie rods and crud. I needed to put my wheels on for motivation so I did.

So it’s back on the streets finally. Drove it to work today. I had to wake up earlier to get here on time since I have to change my route to avoid potholes and junk.

I drove it around last night for about a hour and a half. Thing rubs like mad, smells so good, and still leaks ps. Im trying to get it in shape for Beaver run this weekend. My suspension needs newness, and I stripped the threads on my axle. Im broke so I need suggestions for re-threading it. Dont want to buy a new axle.
Two pictures from last night. I wish I had a cool camera.

I installed new hub/bearings and passenger side (longer) axle last night. It went pretty quickly. Test drove the car for a bit and it feels so smooth.

So happy to be driving this thing again. The sound and response is worth all the pain and suffering!


Peeimp ish.

Oh yeah. This thing.
I did this a little.

and now a barage of photographs…

Some older pictures.

Bought a stock hood today. Luckily it was the same color as my car. Also 95+ tails.

Kit arrived last week. I installed Sunday along with eyelids Ive had for more than a year now. Paint is next. Im trying to decide what I am going to do wing wise. Roof, no roof, GT whale tail…
Car definitely has to be raised. Side skirts scrape the ground on heavy turns. I also got stuck by my frame coming out of a business park.

The S14 is gone.
Final photoshoot for a
[url=]The Great Obee 240sx / SC300 content | On The Low[/url]

I bought a GSX-r for: emergency purposes/ when the SC is being worked on/ biddies.

Ordered for the SC:
Bride Seat
Quick relase
Hub adaptor
MoMo old school wood grain wheel
PBM coils
Spoke to Nick about a 1j. I just have to recoup some funds and go take a look at it. I also have to find a place to do work.

I did my coils and upper control arms Thursday. It was about 12 degrees outside and the garage was full of old parts from my S14.
I didn’t have my camera and blackberry’s take HORENDOUS photo’s.

So first I had to drag everything outside before I could pull my car in.

I realized I needed a pitman arm puller to get the arm out of the nuckle. So I rode my bike and went to pep boys fast before it closed. By the time I got back my hand were useless for about 45 min. It was stupid cold.

There was a space between the knuckle and the top of the control arm for the boot and grease packing. So the pitman didn’t work as it was supposed to.
So I whipped out my super secret advanced technical Jamaican tool. A piece of pipe. LOL. I put it on the end of the pitman and almost peed my pants from lifting the pipe. I thought I broke the pipe but luckily the arm had popped out.
old vs. new

I had to grind down the metal bushings to get the arm to fit.

These are maxed and I still dont have enough neg camber.

Oh yea so as usual some part was not going to fit. Turned out the arms were a little too narrow to fit onto the frame. So I whipped out my drop saw and used it as a sander!! God is good because I didn’t use goggles all night and there were crazy sparks flying. The picture below was after I took my hand off the saw and grabbed my phone for a picture so it had slowed down. It looked like 40 sparklers at once!!
Then I started fitting a replacement side skirt. I lost a side skirt on the highway in jersey in flamboyant fashion. So I ordered another one. This took me almost as long as all four coilovers. There was a LOT of trimming involved. It still doesn’t fit right. Oh well.

So after this I pulled, rather scraped the car out of the garage and piled everything back in. By the time I finished and got into bed it was 5:09am and I had to be up for work at 6am.
The next morning I couldn’t get out my driveway as I had set the coils way too low. So I had to adjust them before going to work. I need an alignment so bad but so far these coils are worth the scrilla.

I forgot, at some point I bought this.

Then sold it 3 weeks later. I regret selling it.
I bought this last thursday. 95k miles.

Copied from my premie section build. (gonna be some overlap)

S14 is gone. Need a fresh start.

It started off like this:

The night I picked it up

Two months in. Lowered on K-Sports

Did LS 400 4Pots and rotors

Then 18×10 FR500’s

Then a stint with Carbon Kevlar

Then went drifting

Then Work VS-SD’s

SSR Hasemi Prot GT’s 18×10 (x4) and Wise Lip

At some point I put in a Aristo Torsen Helical diff.


Chuki tails

SSR AD’s 18×10.5 and 18×12

Got a set of Equips and started fitting them. 18×10.5 18×11

This brings me to today. Sold the S14 and started purchasing things for the SC.
Simple. Low budget balling.


Delete your cookies or suffer fatal syntax error

Never seen before photo’s from the homie John Paul. (Just found these on google.)


I appear in none of the pre-ceeding photographs. My aura is to sexy to be caught on camera.

Godebye sweet prince. I hope Kevin Chan crashes you into a canyon and spills your beautiful guts all over Sout East PA.

So I still had a garage full of crap. And winter had destroyed the SC.

So I bought this from a guy who was not 100% honest with me. I paid 1k. So whatever.

95 base model piece of doo doo. Love the color though. My cousin who posts on here sometimes tried to steal it.

It even came with awesome wheels bro dude bro!

EL OWE EL- That will buff right out herr herrrherrrrr Im such a car dude brozilla!

A foot with a Timberland got most of this out.

Did a 5lug swap, welded dif. Car came with Megan coils that suck, and I put my Cusco, Leather seats, and footwork in.

Put my SSR’s on it, and was NOT feeling it.

Wierd. Same car, different color and the wheels looked like butt cheeks.

So I sold them and got these.


if only

still sucks

I honestly hate this car. Its beat, slow, and looks horrible. The wheels are cool and that’s all. I like the ziptied bumper because it makes people mad.

I hate this car so I cut on it a lil bit. My dude J. Ruiz is responsible. He egged me on. I will probably do overs later since this sucks so hard.

Turn your head and don’t complain.

Anyway. Last night. (yes last night May 12th 2011. unless you read this after that day then it is no longer last night.) I picked up this sack of poo.

I tried to drive it and my piece of junk SC to my friends house in the middle of Nowheresville, PA 19KKK and I got a flat tire like 1am in the morning. Had to drive home and get spares since the spare wont fit over the LS400 calipers.

All in all I didnt get home till after three, and now my 1J is 40 min. farther from me than it was at the importers.

The worst part is that my friends engine hoist doesn’t work so the motor is still sitting on the truck bed.


Can someone embed this for me.

Video of my 1J running.

[url=]YouTube – Toyota Soarer JZZ30 1JZGTE Swap[/url]

This weekend I went for a ride in the Apalacian mountains. We did over 300 miles and were out for about 6 hours. Some amazing roads in Central PA. Empty for the most part aside from other bikers. At one point we were chasing a pretty fast R32.

So yesterday was supposed to be D day. But of course there were issues. The thermostat would not open up, the power steering pump is bad, and there are two trashed coil packs.

So it’s back to Elite JDM to see if he can sort this out. It sounds so mean! Open down pipe for now. Stock exhaust was hooked up but wayyy too much back pressure was causing missfire.

Car is entirely too loud. I will get kicked off the track for Noise Pollution.

[URL=””%5DImageShack® – Online Photo and Video Hosting[/URL]

So much more work to be done.

And why did you not sell it to me??


My friend came and got me for breakfast. So I got itis and knocked out till like 2pm. Late start late finish.

The winter has been unkind to my body kit. Honestly I was just too lazy to remove it so I let snow and ice do that for me.
Stupid snow was not gentle when removing it and it forgot to remove the screws before doing so.
As a result the kit came off in multiple pieces. The good news about this is it gave me a chance to practice making up new curse words.
The goal for Sunday was:
1. Temporarily fix hanging exhaust
2. Fix hole in hotside intercooler piping
3. Install wheel
4. Fix body kit
I got none of those done. Body kit is now in four pieces which is good but it looks like it was chewed on. I hope to get it smoothed out and painted before Friday.
ECB Sunday and I still need
1. Tires
2. Hydro Ebrake
3. Welded open Diff (SC3/400 or GS3/400)
4. Money
5. Power
6. Respect
7. Finish body work
8. Crush bent temp exhaust
Warning. Do not do what I do. I have no clue about body work and I do it wrong.
I forgot to take a picture of the body kit before. The rear lip was in 5 pieces courtesy of a snowbank my car humped sliding backwards down a hill.
Test fit 1

I was missing one of the pieces so I had to measure out the size of the exhaust cutout and make an arch.

At this point I got discouraged and went inside to overnight a new body kit. Shipping prices were staggering so I went back outside to try again. This happened every 30 min.s

Im a genius!

So I got discouraged again and started taking random pictures…and trying to clean up the garage which was a mess…


Duct tape is the truth.

I started working on the front lip which is a mess. I had coated it in Herculiner which was a dumb move. It was in three pieces. Not as bad as the rear lip but most of it was missing.

Then got back to it. I really had no plan. I made it all up as I went along. I had ackee and saltfish for breakfast so my industriousness started to form.

My old shift knob from Booker T Sr. lending a hand.

Look ma no hands…

My spare tires for ECB

Test fit 2

Random massive PS leak

Tire eating away at stock plastic intercooler piping.

Finished installing body trim. My old one was ripped off on the NJTP along with my sideskirt causing mayhem and swerving behind me.


Back to rear lip. Like a ADD dude I have to work on multiple things or I get bored and lose focus.

Almost ready for some juice.

I want to drink fiberglass resin. Just to see…

I burned myself multiple times.

Back to car…Zipties and bungee chords are in order. The exhuast was cut and weak. The resonators were dragging on the ground and ready to get caught on something.


Back to rear lip…Dry! I picked it up and proceeded to crack it. So I poured a bunch more resin on it. lol

Next step is to add filler. I think I will leave the metal for strength but remove the rivets.

Back to front lip. Using metal again to form what was worn away by south east PA roads.

More later.

To do list:
1. Fix hole in piping
2. Find Fix PS leak
3. get temp exhaust
4. Mount fire extinguisher
5. Diff
6. Hydro
7. Temp Paint
8. ….

If anyone has a spare SC, Soarer, GS, Aristo differential I need to get one welded up!
Also Im looking for spare wheels at leat 18×10 and tires
You will be rewarded handsomely.

Exhaust is done. It sounds like mudd butt.

I was going to wait and spend the money else where but last night about 1:15am driving home from basketball it caught on a manhole cover and started shooting sparks.

I love how people honk at you and scream above the grinding metal. [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=white]Hey! You know you’re dragging something???[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=gray]Oh why thank you senior retard. I didn’t see 3 feet of sparks flying [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=gray]behind me nor hear metal screeching and clanging off my [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=gray]undercarriage. I will be sure to pull over now and weld it back up in [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=gray]the middle of RT 1 express lane. Thank you for saving my life. I will [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=gray]name my first child Senior Retard in your honor. And if she is a girl I will name her just Beyonce.[/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Anyway. I woke up early and spoke to Julio at Julios Mufflers. His add says he did custom mufflers, his name was Julios, and his shop was located in Kensingon Philadelphia (the most hood part of philly. Looks more like the Bronx than philly) so I was confident that his boastful claims of “bring it on down and I hook joo up real good.” would be met with minimal brow scratching.

After dodging potholes and hung over hookers who were blinded by the 8am sun, I pulled in front of what I assumed to be Julios. Four dudes stared at me as I walked up and asked if this was Julios. They said [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]yeah but we cant get dat up here…[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] pointing to the acutely raked driveway. (there were some very nice cars outside. 70 Chevelle and a 68 Impalla.) So I said if I can get it up here can you do the work? Sure…they said still slouch in thier seats, not a single customer in sight. (This should have tipped me off.)

I reveresed down the street to the end of the block and pulled onto the sidewalk via a handicap access curb corner that had been sunk into the asphault by FedEx trucks and obese prostitues. After 20 min of head scratching my car was in the ear.

Lazy pokes, head scratching and words mumbled in spanish were followed by [SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial Black]Papi! I no can do deece.[/FONT][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=dimgray]Why not?[/COLOR] [/FONT][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial Black]I dondo custom work no more[/FONT].[SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=dimgray]OK, take it down.[/COLOR][/FONT][SIZE=6][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Aparently between the phone call and my drive he had his fill of custom work.

Luckily a guy in a newer 525 had followed me to the shop and was watching in the corner. He said to follow him and that he knew dudes that could do the work no problem. The guy also owned a SC400 and said he could do my interior, so it wasnt a complete waste.

Julio likes men.

K & J did me right for cheeeap AND I got to listen to dope Merenge all day and stare at thier sexy Puerto Rican sisters while I pretended to look at my cell phone.

After they finished I backed my car and and it sounded like a kid with down syndrome playing a kazoo. Not thier fault. I should have gotten resonators or something. I opened my trunk to put my mufflers in and I dropped my key. Trunk slammed shut and I let out a long slow [FONT=Impact][SIZE=7][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=6][COLOR=white]Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…[/COLOR] [/SIZE][SIZE=7][COLOR=lime]”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I looked down at my blackberry and that yellow dot was flashing a me as if laughing and saying you shouldn’t have been playing tetris all day…

I typed one mass text to about 12 people and got a response from a cutie I had been meaning to give hugs to generously for some time now. She came through just as my phone died. I somehow ended up hyping her up on my homie Jonny Ru to make her feel bad for not coming to ECB. Now she wants to hug him all day and night.

Anyway I got my car back and it still sounded botti and I got no hugs from the jawn. Oh well

My helmet showed up by the time I got home and I bought some kicks to make myself feel better.

A friend suggested the glasspacks. I may try that. I am starting to like the sound. It annoys people and makes them get out the way.

I took off Friday to finish my car for ECB. Got done at 8:30. Car ran great all weekend. The temp never changed. I kept popping my intercooler piping off from rubbing my tire against it. Gotta re-route that. The power steering was on and off so I was fighting that all weekend. The front tires were making more smoke than the rears and locking up from rubbing. But I had a blast. I drove horrible and kept spinning.

I took my S14 for a lap and fried the clutch. But I had so much fun seeing old faces and meeting new dudes.

Changing the oil.

I finished putting the kit on and had to jack the car up from the back. The car fell off the jack and crushed the kit. I almost smashed it to pieces!!

My dude Lyron and his Soarer. I took my kit off. I didnt want to grenade it even though it was already beat.

My homie Rich. First time drifting and he did a good job from what I heard.

Also the homie LitoFlow (Manuel) came out. Drifted for the first time and he KILLED it. He is a natrual and his car is set up perfect.

I’m exhausted from fighting the steering wheel and trying to mount tires.

Thanks guys. ECB was so fun and so tiring. I drove bad but had a blast.

a few pix

Yessir! Good to meet you.

So the S14 is gone. I actually haven’t seen it in three weeks or so. Its been at JRu’s house.

Got this.

LOL Thanks.

Got rid of my bike and the RX-8.

Got this. Its no Murcialargo…oh and its for sale now lol…

This car is toast. I’m looking for a new shell.

Like a boss…

…I bend frames all kinky like.

I’m bored waiting for the title to this 400 shell to come in.

It seemed clever when I was half asleep on the toilet. Now it just seems cliche…

So I found a SC400 for a good price. Getting the title for it was a huge Fantastic Voyage.

The car has been sitting outside for 7+ years due to no title. I met this cool dude Ed that happened to mention he had a shell for sale. I didn’t need anything at the time so I forgot about it. After I wrecked I was searching for a super cheap shell and remembered Ed had one. So I called him up only to find out that he did not have the title for it. He had been trying for four years to get the title with no success. He bought the car without a title and was at least two deals removed from the first owner. He had tracked down the 1st owner but the guy showed no interest. Luckily the day I contacted Ed he called the guy again, got his wife and explained the situation to her. She talked to the guy and the guy called Ed back and said he would put in for the title. So last week Friday the title came in. Tuesday my friend drove me about 45 min to the dmv to do the transfer. When we got there only Ed was there. We spent about an hour driving to different DMV’s and calling the dudes wife before we finally caught up to him. So after 7+ years the car was re-titled.

So on the ride back to my car my friends Z started sputtering. The gauge read like 1/16 tank but the car was done. So we coasted like 1/4 mile and got off at an exit where there was a station. Lucky right? Well they were digging up the tanks out the ground so no gas. So I had to push the car up hill across an intersection into a bank parking lot. I hadn’t eaten anything all day and almost passed out. We googled the nearest gas station and realized by the time we walked there and back it would be faster to just walk to my car. So we walked 6 miles to my car and filled up my gas can.

While my friend was pouring gas into his Z the spout broke off and fell into the filler neck. We tried to get it out then it fell into the gas tank. Fun times.

I don’t know why I just told you all that.

Still proceeding with my re-shell but I’m not excited to do so. So Feeling for trades/offers on everything. SC300 and new SC400 and everything pertaining to them.

So I have my work cut out for me. I dont feel like doing it. So both these lovely cars are up for trade. Work wheels 521 spares Bride seats and all. I may even throw in the M3 if its something obnoxiously cool like a 2JZ 60’s MB and a Aprilla.

Im puttering around until I find a garage to do this re-shell in.

My replacement spare wheel came in.

Real men mount tires in the living room with hand tools and testosterone.

Car is back home. The ride home was intense. Lots of sparks, lots of rubbing, lots of gas leaking, and WHOLE lot of swerving. By the time I got home my shirt was soaked with sweat.

New car is still not here. I’m looking for a garage to get both cars next to each other.

Some parts are ordered. this time around I am going to make it look very aggressive.



How the hell do you embed???

splitter/diffusser stays.

I also traded my stock 2J and W58 for some dollar bills to my coworker. This man has the cleanest 2nd Gen Supra life has to offer.

I picked up a Chuki bumper with fog lights and lip in NY this weekend. And some other parts came in the office today.

[B][I]This is not a happy story. This is a story of a brow full of discontent, and a belly full of pain. Shoulder bearing the weight of years of shiestyness piled on it by shadows of “men” trying to get over.[/I][/B]

[COLOR=”Red”][FONT=”Arial Black”]**Names changed to protect the innocent and the guilty[/FONT][/COLOR]

It was a cold, rainy, dark night. The type of rain that somehow soaks your underwear before your pants. The cold that makes your internal organs shiver. I had stayed late at work to wait for Jim. Jim was last in a long long line of people who had agreed to help me tow my not so new car home. A 92 SC400. About 8 drivers prior had agreed to do the same, but one by one they flaked out, died, or plain disappeared. But finally after two months it looked like progress was going to be made.

The vehicle to be picked up had been a parts car for a nice fellow I had met named Grace Kelly. Luckily he had only needed one part from it, a rear knuckle. He had bent his own on a curb and replaced it with one from the parts car. When first negotiating a price on the vehicle I had asked that he replace the missing knuckle with the bent one from his original car so that the car would roll and I could take it home. “[COLOR=”DarkOliveGreen”]No problem[/COLOR].” Grace Kelly agreed.

Then came the issue of the title. The car had none. The car was still in the name of the original owner. Two owners removed from Grace Kelly. Luckily he had tracked the original owner down, but unluckily he had been trying for four years to get the man to do the transfer. Miraculously the day we agreed on a deal The original owner, Mr.. Dundee agreed to do the transfer.

So now I had the title, all I had to do was drive with Jim to pick it up, pay, and drag it home! So after work we drove to Jim’s house and then picked up another friend Mustafa. I contacted Grace Kelly right before we had left. I had asked him multiple times to attach the knuckle previously so that my drivers would not have to wait, and this time was no different. He let me know that he had not had time, and the knuckle was still not assembled.

“[COLOR=”Indigo”]I really do not want to come there and waste my friends time if this car will not roll. Can you please make sure everything is there and together?[/COLOR]” I asked pointedly.
“[COLOR=”DarkOliveGreen”]OK, I will go there after work and get things together.[/COLOR]” Grace Kelly assured.

We hit the road, I followed behind in my every day car. As we drove along I expressed my concern about the knuckle to Mustafa. I did not want to waste time or gas money and it seemed that would have been the case if I arrived one of the previous eight times. The last thing I wanted to do was work on a car in the dark and rain, then have to load it on a trailer. But because things never go the way they should I brought tools and work clothes just in case.

[I]Vibrate Vibrate***[/I]

Grace Kelly had sent me a text message – “[COLOR=”rgb(85, 107, 47)”]Are you sure you are coming? I do not want to work in the rain for nothing.[/COLOR]”

“[COLOR=”Indigo”]We are driving right now.[/COLOR]” I texted back.

About an hour and a half later we pulled up to the location. Grace Kelly greeted us and introductions were made.

“[COLOR=”DarkOliveGreen”]I have good news and I have bad news.[/COLOR]”

“[COLOR=”Indigo”]What’s the bad news?[/COLOR]” I queried eyeing his nervous and guilty smile with images of me kneeling in the mud and assembling a car in the rain.

“[COLOR=”DarkOliveGreen”]I can’t find the knuckle. I usually keep everything! I mean I have stuff from first grade.[/COLOR]”

My underwear instantly dried as hot blood coursed through my body driven by a heart rate that was increasing exponentially. My pulse pounded in my head like the beat of [COLOR=”Olive”][I][B][FONT=”Arial Black”]Money Power Respect[/FONT][/B][/I][/COLOR] being played on a neighbors stereo through the floor with only an audible base line and the few muffled words. The darkness got darker. I walked on autopilot and I mumbled foreign obscenities that didn’t even make sense. Perhaps another language? I didn’t even hear Grace Kelly deliver the good news. There was no good news. Only bad. He had to be joking. But as we got to the car greeting by a great gaping chasm of a hole the numbness of disappointment melted away slowly only to leave anger and an all too familiar pain in my right thigh right where my wallet was located.


In the following minutes Grace Kelly offered a number of un-heroically stupid solutions to a problem that threatened to end with me on death row. I walked away, around the block. Praying to God not to let me reenact a Steven Segal fight scene.

I returned. The car was still not assembled. It was not a dream. This was real life. I walked in circles around Grace Kelly flipping the Maglight with a number of movie scenes playing themselves out in fast motion inside my mind. Mustafa caught my eye and made the stay calm motion with his hands while mouthing it simultaneously. Or did he speak it? I was deaf. I could hear nothing. Feel nothing.

As I drove the hour and a half home on the PA turnpike after filling Jim’s truck with gas and his stomach with food I vented to CurseofCain. My inane ramblings punctuated with hysterical laughter seemed to concern him. I was livid with crazy. I hung up with CurseofCain and paid my toll. Heading up the on ramp to 309 south my car instantly lost traction and headed for the outside barrier. I just sat and smiled waiting for impact. Of course, why wouldn’t I wreck my car tonight after all that has happened. I did not even brace for impact, my seatbelt was not on. I wanted to fly through the windshield and take off to Terra Nova. A better place.

At that very moment God dispatched an angel who placed his soft hands on my Laguna Seca coated fender and guided the car within inches of the barrier back to the center of the ramp. My suffering was not over. I was not dead. My car was not damaged.

The next morning I picked up my phone to call my mother and wish her a happy birthday. Instead of getting my dear mother, I got some chick from Verizon wireless on the phone explaining to me that although I had placed a call and not gotten who I expected I should not hang up. I owed her $593.15.

I may continue building a car, or not, after I recover from my stroke. Depends on if the left side of my body decides to work again.

I had ordered a GT wing with 40mm Origin stands and end plates. It never showed up so thankfully my money was returned.

But Saturday night the clutch went out on my M3. I cannot get enough separation between the clutch and flywheel to get into gear. So it seems like the pivot pin or clutch fork or something pooped the bed.

R/T quoted me 9 hours to do the labor, which is a lot better than the dealership, but I still cannot afford it AND a good clutch. If I’m going in there I’m replacing the dual mass flywheel and the clutch. So I bought an ACT stage 3 and 14.something pound aluminium flywheel. I didn’t want a pucked clutch but this is the best deal. Plus if the SC isn’t done then I will just drift the M3. Who knows, this may end up being the new project. Sucks, because this is the exact combo I wanted to buy for the Lexus.

And a super cheap cheezey shift knob was my latest impulse purchase for the SC.

Waiting for a few more items to show up, but instead I got a few tickets in the mail. So lots of my money is going to be tied up.

I spoke to Grace Kelly and he is working on bringing the car to me.

Grace Kelly dropped the car off on Thursday. He strapped it to a tow dolly with no back wheel. When he pulled up the whole front end was dragging and the car smelled of burned rubber. The drivers side suspension was fully compressed and the fender had worn a groove in the tire. Without even looking I knew the wiring under the fender was probably ruined. We had to wrestle the car into a space because backing up was impossible since the car was not fully strapped down. Honestly I do not know how it didn’t fall off and cause a massive accident.

Sunday I went out with the intentions of looking the car over and pulling the engine. I expected mounds of rust and mildew. Surprisingly the rust was not bad but the mildew and mold was horrendous.

Rust on the roof.

Mold inside the car from water getting inside the cracked windshield.

Random parts.

More mold.

Mold and trash.

Random garbage.

Quarter panel dent.

Missing studs.

I couldn’t get the trunk open with the key. It looked like someone had tried to break into it with a screw driver.

Previous owner was trying to get ripped abs?

The car came with a phone installed. This is the cradle.

Mighty 1UZ

The 1UZ uses a hydrolic clutch fan instead of a belt driven clutch fan. Pretty neat. Lots of lines and connections though. Overly complicated.
[url=]BUILDOFF :: DSC03255.jpg picture by OBEEWON – Photobucket[/url]

I hooked up electricity to the car and was able to pop the trunk open. I was scared there would be a body in the back, but luckily there was only more mold.

Then to inspect the underside of the car. I expected racoons and rust, but it was not too bad. The car is usable.

I cannot believe this man dragged the car like this, loose knuckles and some missing bolts. Could have spelled disaster!

So I got to work on pulling the motor. Sadly getting the radiator and the AC condenser out took me almost 3 hours. After looking more closely at the bottom of the car I realized it had been in an accident with either a midget or a tree stump. The radiator mount was bent up and back wedging the bottom of the radiator against the pulleys.

After hours of yelling, begging, banging, and farting I got them out. Then I starting to strip the exhaust bolts.

I got to the point of unbolting the trans and engine mounts then I gave up. I did find the damage the tire did to the fender harness.

Hopefully the engine comes out sometime this week. Still waiting on my clutch and flywheel for my daily, so I’ve been walking and hitch-hiking everywhere.

LOL, your basement must be real bad! This isn’t a real build thread because I have no fab skills and little to no money, so I have to give the people something!

Clutch for my M3 came in, so did a bench warrant for my arrest. This is what I wanted to get for the SC but sadly the M3 called it.

[QUOTE=ManoNegra;4509936]Dear OB sir,
there appears to be a demand for this pictorial brewing in Premiumland
to be portrayed on 100% cotton canvases of various sizes

and I find myself with some disposable income in need of disposing
perhaps something can be worked out?[/QUOTE]

Ha, I hope to have some made up within a week or two! Will post up.

[QUOTE=FusionR240sx;4511592]need 3 ppl to do this.
but i’m jamaican, so i count as 2. hahahahahhaha[/QUOTE]

Its the truth!

[QUOTE=Darren;4511965]so it’s been a while… did you get rid of the mold, or just move on? how’s the SC coming man!!!

Inquiring minds want to know!![/QUOTE]

I did not quit. Progress has been slow. I will post up a bunch of updates soon. I hate to have them trickle in so Im letting them pile up.

[QUOTE=ixfxi;4515065]once again this thread delivers

for years now, i havent wanted to be associated with 240 owners. but now, i dont want to be associated with SC owners either.

i am at a total loss for words. all i can say is, your car is so EAST COAST.[/QUOTE]

LOL Thanks Mike. So kind. Make some lights for the JZZ30 so my new car can be less East coast.

Reverse Rake in medium please.[/QUOTE]

Yes, coming soon!

[QUOTE=Jonnie Fraz;4516257]OB…Man that was some read. You need to do the shirts, fund your project. I need an XL of the “Stop the American Missile Crisis”.
I don’t make any SC stuff..If I did I would gladly send some your way. Let me know if I can do anything here on the West coast for you.[/QUOTE]

Glad you are enjoying!
Stealth Fab stuff would be so cool for the SC!

Some mediocre updates from a while back:

So one Friday I walked outside to go to work and I saw empty spaces where my cars used to be. Further investigation found them to be impounded. $740 and 9 hours later I had them back in my possession and in the smallest, non electricity having garages that exist. The tow drivers did a good amount of damage to both cars. I cannot figure out for the life of me why they were being so careless. The cars are obvious classics in amazing shape. So now I not only have one garage but two. Im going to have to buy a generator or something so I can use electricity.

I probably will be drifting the E46 for the first few events this year. The SC is going to take more work than I anticipated.

Damage was done to the white car during the tow. Bunch of stuff bent and junk. They dragged it up on the flatbed with no wheel obviously and bent control arms, toe arms, struts, etc. Blah whatev. Getting the cars back proved to be costly and health threatening.

I did some work on Sunday. It took me almost two hours just to remove the drivers side seat. One of the motors froze so getting it unbolted involved lots of bleeding and screaming. The garage I have is less than ideal but whatever. I have no electricity, light, or water. So this is going to be a huge task. FFFFFFFFFlip

Got both seats out, the new knuckle bolted up, but when I tried to bolt the wheel on to roll the car out and remove the engine the toe rod was hitting the tire. So I went to my apartment to get some tools and subsequently locked myself out. So I called it a day.

This one time…a friend photoshopped this picture of me not hitting the wall to make me feel better…

Another friend made this cool car in Forza to pay homage to my dead 300.

I also got a new carpet, and some new moldings for my fake M3. Trying to decide what color to dye my carpet. Maybe red, or Phoenix yellow (get a few babies to puke on it.) I also got some sweet suede shift/ebrake/arm rest booty cover thingies made!

Oh yeah, an update for the T-shirt. I have these on order (stickers too). The rest will come later.

Im so late but they are Jerzee T’s.

I’ve started gutting the white car. Im also looking into tube framing the front of the red one, or getting it fixed enough to drive. I’m all over the place with those two cars. Im even looking for another SC300 in decent shape, running or not. So hard working in this space. The car isn’t rolling and I can only work on one side till I get some rollers to put the car on.

This little guy has been showing up at my garage to keep me company and occasionally scare the sin out of me.

So much change under the carpet. The carpet may be salvageable but I’m still looking for a black or grey one.

Monday I woke up to a flat tire so I just called off work and did some . . . werk.

So I started pulling my engine, but some stuff was still hooked up. So I went under the car to undo it. Went back to the hoist and started jacking and the hook on the motor snapped. I moved my head away just in time. I could see the arm out the corner of my eye flying past my face. I def would have been knocked out or something worse.

I got a few more things for the M3. I also have some stuff on order for the SC.

Always wanted to try yellow headlights. Slim ballast HID’s. So tiny

Some Ichiba 5×120 -> 5×114.3 adapters. These are cool because they are only 15mm instead of the usual 25mm. Saved me from having to re-drill some super cool wheels and ruining them.

I also got a new carpet for the M3. Last owner cut it when gutting the car, a bunch of other misc. interior panels and pieces too as well as new angel eyes.

And for the grand finale my wheels came from J-Land last night. These were originally for the BMW, but when I got them I realized they were 18/19 stagger. So they may go on the Lexus and the old Equips on the M3. But I will see.

18×10 and 19×11. I forget the offsets. Like +30 and +12 I think but I have to look again.

[QUOTE=silviaguy240;4591735]Lemme borrow dem riimz and spacers fo’ my big body. But f’real, i want some equips for my 7 but i dont know if im keeping it all that long.[/QUOTE]

Keep that 7 man. These would look tough on there. You might be able to convince me to sell!

[QUOTE=s14a.marc;4593456]Shit, I have a near identical cat that visits me when I work on mine….stole my socks once too.

I’m glad 19″ tire’s suck for you guys aswell.

Great work man.[/QUOTE]

Haha stole your socks. Yes, 19″ tire prices have me so discouraged.

I been busy doing work that does and does not directly correlate to the pimping of rides therefore my updates are weak as a small boy with under a lead small pox blanket.

Bilstein don’t go low.

So I removed them.

I was planning on Fortune Auto because I thought they were made in the USA. But they were about a month and a half out. When I inquired as to why the sales man said that Taiwan was backlogged. So after trying to get Stance, and Tein and finding that they were also back ordered I came to the realization that EVERYTHING is made in Taiwan.

So I ordered BC’s. Which were back ordered but somehow showed up in 5 days. Whatever.

I forgot I had this car. It still runs and drives…Sounds glorious.

It makes a good table.

Bilstein PSS9’s out!

They have litterally 1/2 inch of adjustment. The rear has like 5. Crazy Germans not making sense and stuff.
The whole strut body on the BC’s are shorter, but for some reason (I assume no drooping/settling yet) the BC’s sat higher at this setting???????

Lots of adjustment on the BC’s (I later discovered all this adjustment was not to go low but in fact make your car a donk.) I want to sell the BC’s already

I decided against re-drilling the Equips because 5×114.3 is the coolest pattern in the world. Luckily I found these
Icibahn’s that were only 15mm as opposed to 25mm.

My little helper so I can tighten the front spacers.

Fronts fit perfectly

I tried to move the car and heard nails on a chalk board. I inspected the front and found this.

The bolts to the adapters were a bit long and hitting the dust shield to the hub. So I had to remove everything and bend them back.

On the rears. I searched for my key for about 2 hours. Then finally gave up. These things were worth all $120 I paid.

Bilstein struts out. I did not realize they were inverted struts! Kinda feel bad ditching them. But not really.

This shows you how hot brakes get. This is on the rear of the car and the strut boot sits like 10 inches or more away from the rotor and it still melted it.

Mounts were worn. This explains my clunking.

Mmmm Mexi

I always end up with left over nuts and bolts. You should see when I do head work. I just toss them under the hood and they find their home.

No close ups of the rear quarters yet. They are not finished.

Yeah, I kind of wish these were all 18’s.

Thanks. Much more to be done. Not sure if it was you or the guy you sold it to but the interior and wiring is a nightmare! You did have some quality parts on there though.

[QUOTE=ka-titties;4641203]do the women’s ones come with boobies in them?[/QUOTE]

I wish!

They are the greatest ever.

[QUOTE=codyace;4644207]Where do I paypal to get your photobucket limits removed. YEEESH. ;)[/QUOTE]


Last week my car died on the highway. I was running low on gas and the second fuel pump within a year decided to go. So I decided to go to a Walbro 255lph.

I ordered a “kit” that was supposed to have everything including a sleeve to fit to the stock location.

The HPF kit is way overpriced at like $250. It comes with a sleeve to put the Walbro in the stock location.

Of course it didn’t and I didn’t feel like waiting to return it and getting the HPF, or sourcing a sleeve. So here is what I did.

The Walbro pump is about 4mm smaller in diameter to the stock pump so it just falls through the bottom of the holder.

I’m sure most have seen the HPF vid of fuel pump removal and install so I won’t bore you with those details.

After removing the stock pump I took a drill and made a hole through the plastic to the main chamber to drain the left over gas. Flushed it out with water so it didn’t explode when I cut it open. Then took a dremmel to the outter metal skin like so:

(ignore the drunken monkey cut, it was 2am and I had a migraine)

Popped the skin into the stock location. There is a locating hump so the oe pump doesn’t move. Then I slid the Walbro into the OE skin and cinched it with a ziptie. It doesn’t move but I would have preferred to use a worm gear clamp.

Everything else is pretty straightforward. Red wire to red wire, brown wire to black wire etc.

Bingo Bango. Walbro in your tank for about $100.

Last and most important step, celebrate with brownies.

Picked up a new bumper, fog lights and reflector deletes. My CSL bumper wussed out at 140mph.

Also some paint for when I finish the fenders.


New Angel eyes.

Smexy bolts for the Lexus

Got some work done on the white SC. Cutting through the exhaust, my sawzall killed two batteries. So Ima hack saw Jim Duggins the rest.

So far I have counted 5 computers in the car. ABS and Main ECU in the passenger footwell.

All these wires.

Came through this hole in the firewall.

Engine out. Just the exhaust is dangling. Homie Hector is coming to pick this thing up on Tuesday, then I will drag the car to the car wash to pressure wash it. Im going to buy a gang of oven cleaner and let it soak, the wash every crevice of the car out.

Last week and the week before I was violently ill. I went to work 2 days out of 5 last week. I was stuck in bed eating chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side and watching The Fast and the Furious.

On the end of the third day I felt good enough to do some work. I had gotten the exhaust off. For some reason all the bolts are tac welded on from the factory so I had to chop it off.

Hector came for the engine and stuff so that is gone.

So I started to drop the subframe on the 400. I usually leave everything attached and undo the four mounting points and let the subframe hang by the struts. Then put a jack under it and undo the top bolts and lower it out the car. As I was doing the last bolt to the bottom of the chassis the bolt to the lower mount of the drivers side strut sheared off and the subframe came crashing down on my ratchet. Below this ratchet was my right hand index knuckle. All the weight of the subframe was on my knuckle and I could not move it. I struggled spinning and dancing on the floor like a MMA fighter trying to get a good hold on my opponent. About 30 seconds in I felt my muscles getting weak and my knuckle starting to collapse. I panicked and lifted the loaded subframe with my left hand and pulled my right hand out.

It immediately started to swell. So I put the glove back on and tried to get as much work done as I could before I couldn’t use my hand. I tried to lift the subframe up so I could get my ratchet out. Tried both hands, my legs, everything and I could not budge it. I had to use a jack to lift it out the way! I don’t know how my hand was not crushed. The diff alone is crazy heavy.

I got the subframe out and pulled the diff apart and started cleaning it to get it welded up.

I couldn’t sleep that night so I made some salmon 2am. A word to the wise. Wear a shirt when you are cooking.

Next day I went to town on the engine bay, pulling the ABS, TRAC, and some weird motor under the master cylinder. Im going to have to run new brake lines to the back and plumb in a hydro. Should be good. No pictures of them removed but they weight quite a bit. Even removing the extra brake lines should save me some weight and make things look prettier.

Also started cleaning under the car. So much crud. Nothing sucks more than not having electricity or water when working on a car. I have to carry Gallon jugs of water and soap with buckets down to this stinkin’ garage.


I bought this. Car power inverter. Makes 1000 Watts from a cig lighter/car batt. So I can at least run my spot lights.

Sunday my dudes came through to help out. Best guys in the world. EVERYONE drove over an hour to get to my spot and they all did a tremendous job. We celebrated with four whole Jerked Chickens, two pizza’s and a case of Ting and some FnF as well.

Got good work done tearing down the red car. Wanted to get the white car to the car wash but didn’t get that far. Oh well. Rich tried on my Equips for size. They look perfect.

The best day I have had in a long time. Great dudes, good food and a dirty dirty car. I’m sure our blood mingled.

Oh yeah, the car fell off the jack so I had to lift it while someone pushed a jack stand under it. I’m a little out of shape but I can still do it.

[QUOTE=EhrikETFG;4711251]all very inspirational and whatever but
Every time I bring a bird home she spends 30 min. asking me about that pile when all I want is some hugs.[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

Haha so true. I gotta cut this one loose. She is cutting into garage time.

[QUOTE=irritatedmax;4712634]Your parts collection has hit 9000.[/QUOTE]

Haha. I have way too many parts. The thought of installing them keeps me going.

[QUOTE=2stepGoesPowPow;4714907]this thread is awesome and i look forward to hopefully seeing one of your SC’s around this summer.[/QUOTE]

Thanks man. (I love your screen name lol)

Flip this 180 degrees for it to say Toyota.[/QUOTE]

Oops. I took that from the front. Its on the crossmember.

Sunday I changed the shoes and the knuckles and a few arms on my subframe. The coolest thing of the day was this bee kept bothering me and I caught it with some needle nose pliers. Kind of like Mr. Miyagi!

That took way too long. I also painted up my spare bumper since my CSL bumper is destroyed.

1st layer of adhesion promoter.

First layer of primer

First layer of color


lip attached

I will probably cut and buff it tonight.

I did what seemed like a ton of work until I stood back to see my progress.

Next order of business is to push the car outside and clean the garage, organize parts and tools as best I can in such a tight space.

Monday my little brother and I put the sub frame in the car. I messed up my back pretty badly so I spent the rest of the day on my back watching movies. I am way too old and decrepit for crawling under a car. So I need to connect the e brake cables, and put the heat shield back on then I will drag the car to the pressure washer and clean it up so I can take everything apart again and kill a few spots of rust and do some under coating. So far from done or even dropping a motor in this thing.

What up D. I haven’t seen you in forever. Did everything get resolved with your car(s)?

Finally got the car on the ground. Rear coils and brakes on. E-brake works I hate doing shoes. Finished up just as it was getting dark. Pushed the car outside and started cleaning up the garage. Threw out so much garbage and about a 5 gallon bucket worth of dirt.

Filthy behind ground. I’ll be happy to not have to roll around on this anymore.

Killing baby dolphins.

Next move is to drag it to a pressure washer and clean the inside and out. Start bolting parts to it.

ECB is the goal.

Garage is a bit better but I still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do.

Yes it sucks. But working inside that hot stank garage is even worse!

Yes a huge milestone. I’m actually into working on this thing now. So many things wrong with it though. It was dollied over an hour on suspension that was finger tight. Like every single arm. So I’m dealing with reemed out holes and swapping everything usable from my old car to this one.

I got all my coils on last night. Took forever but its done. I also did my laundry.


Its this:

Not high enough to clear manhole covers. SC’s have suck ground clearance. The back is going lower this time around though. Skid plate and I will lower the front a bit too.

I think I want them. Gah but money is tight right now. I have some stuff to buy this week. Next paycheck I want them. Any pictures?


Rented a Uhaul and installed my tow bar.

Sidebar: We stopped at Home Depot to get some longer nuts and bolts since the bumper bar on the SC is pretty thick. When I put my items on the counter the cashier asked:

“How big are your nuts?”

She immediately started laughing. Hilarious.

Dragged the slab to the car wash to clean nearly 10 years of sitting and rotting under a tree. So much crud came out. But some of the stuff is just stained into the paint and fabric.

[FONT=”Arial Black”][SIZE=”6″]MONTAGE!!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE][/FONT]

Power for the morning

We dismantled the car and put it on jacks to get to the under belly part. Soaked everything in de-greaser and engine cleaner. Then soaped and pressure washed what we could.

The looks we got were priceless. It probably looked like we were running a chop shop out of the car wash.

We washed out the interior bits too. I had sprayed mold killer and let it sit for a few days. The pressure washer and soap got rid of the smell, my number 1 gripe with the car.

This is just a fraction of the change used. I spent about $40-$50. Such a waste. BUTWHATAYAGUNNADOOOO?

My help.

I cleaned out the interior too. Hope all the water dries before the wires go hot! lol

This was about halfway through cleaning the carpet. I DID NOT expect to be able to save it. I was shocked at how much crud came out.

The headliner appeared to be the cleanest part of the car, but the amount of dirt and grime that came out when I sprayed it made me gag.


Engine bay is way cleaner but still ugly. The dirt is IN the paint. Magic eraser would get it but its going to get re-painted at some point so not worth it.

Some random jawns brought us pizza and wings.

Left it outside to dry off. I hate the car way less now.

So this week I am going to get the interior sorted. I ordered brackets for my seats and brake lines. Sunday dudes are coming back for the engine swap. So I need to get my clutch and stuff in before then.

Does anyone know the name of that stuff that disolves rust? Comes in a spray can…

Also my dude took my diff and his E30 diff over to Brad Hettinger and he welded them up. I have only drifted on a Torsen diff in this car and not to make excuses but I think that is the main reason I hate drifting it. Very interested to see how the car changes with a welded. It was the best thing I did in my S14.

[QUOTE=thefro526;4728369]OB, I enjoy your watermark placement immensely. Some of them looked like stickers at first glance.[/QUOTE]

LOL thanks.

[QUOTE=jr_ss;4728735]Obee, I dig the work your putting in man. I know how it is to go that far into a car, it sucks, but it’ll be worth it in the end. I always wanted to build an SC good luck on yours man.[/QUOTE]

Yes man. Sucks is not the word. I got depressed again last night working on the car. I’m taking Monday’s off until I have the motor running.

[QUOTE=blueshark123;4729024]you could have bought a power washer and returned it when u finished for free lol. luckily my pops just bought one for the house[/QUOTE]

There are 0 hose hookups and 0 electrical outlets. Trust me this was the only option. Plus all the sludge that came out this car didn’t need to be anywhere near me or my friends driveways!

Last night was a bust. Started to take the dash out and got depressed. So I pulled my Gias out the red car and tried to fit the bracket to the new drivers seat. SO FAR OFF!!! Not sure what I’m gonna do but I will figure something out.

Seat comparison.

Gias is way more comfy but still lets me move around. Maxis is tight but not uncomfortable. The back is curves so you kind of slouch which is cool. If I drop a few pounds it will probably be perfect.

Im trying to be there!
I need some Meisters so I’m down to trade for those or cash enough!

Started fitting my lip to my bumper. It was made for a 97 front so I gotta do some botching.

Went behind the dash to dig for gold and rust. Struck it rich.

Space for clutch master.

After hours of the hole saw walking all over the firewall.

Went to a homies spot for some motivation.

Smeared some testosterone and tiger balm on some tires and mounted them in my living room again.

Jamaica Jamaica, this is why we are so strong.

LOL, I love her. She so bad. I want to marry her daughter.

Yes, Ruiz car is so tough.

I got my brake lines and Tees in.

I’m trying my best to encourage good looking drift cars everywhere (Especially on the east coast) because drifting is primarily about cool looking cars. Help me help you!

The thing about raising my car is at least one of my coils is seized. . So that is going to take a day to undo. Bout to go to town with a grinder.

Yeah Nico, I supermanned the wall. Stinky situation.

Last night was a slow night as I expected. I got the dash back in and the gauge cluster, straightened my radiator mount member thingy kinda, changed out my bumper support thing, and dyed my carpet. I think thats all I did. But it took forever.

Camber arms for the BMW came in. Just in case I have to drive this for ECB. My seat brackets should be in next Friday.

Carpet Before

Carpet after. I decided against black because 1. I know its going to fade and I figured dark grey wouldnt look as bad faded. 2. I plan on doing cliche Bride Gradation fabric in some places.

Dash together. Cluster working. Note I hadn’t even hit 80k miles on the red car!!!!!!!!!!!:naw:

Stock bumper support was twisted because the last owner towed the car by it.

Support from red car painted. All I had left was white.

Projector high beams from red car.

Rad bracket before. (Looks like the owner hit a parking block)

After. Ugly but better and most importantly free.

I tried to straighten the tow hook but this happened.

Rad fits in now

[QUOTE=jbretz;4758426]ob if ya need any help lemme know. i can make the trip to assist you on my days off.[/QUOTE]

Yo that would be dope, but you are all the way in HBG! Come out to ECB.

[QUOTE=jr_ss;4759014]Obee, just buy a new/good used bracket. From what I’ve seen throughout this build thread and others, it’s not your style to leave that bent to shit piece in there…

Hell the next time I’m at the j-yard (always SC’s in there) I’ll buy one and ship it to you… For a small fee of course[/QUOTE]

Yeah man this is just a crunch time thing. I plan to get a lot of things on this slab addressed after ECB. BUT if you do find one please let me know. I will pay you for it for saving me the time and trouble.


You are the greatest man alive.[/QUOTE]

LOL Thank you sir.

[QUOTE=EhrikETFG;4759659]obee only needs 2 tools. vice grip and a screw driver[/QUOTE]

This made me LOL pretty hard.

[QUOTE=IIIXziuR;4759719]…And apparently a BMW M3 Frame Machine / Body Puller.

Bravo, Hoss!! Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at!!!!![/QUOTE]

I should post this on Bimmer Forums. I would probably get ban hammered.

[QUOTE=Darren;4760226]Where you able to get the remainder of the tow hook out of the BMW? that looks like it kinda sucked.

Great to see some new progress….[/QUOTE]

Not yet. I looked to see how much was sticking out, shook my head and put the tow hook cover on. LOL. It scratched my bumper that I JUST PAINTED too.

Late night last night. I left the garage close to 1am.

I didn’t do much, but what I did do took a LONG time. Fuel lines were the hardest.
Return line

Impossible to get a good pic but the banjo fitting for the high pressure fuel line was right above the motor mount. I have a lot less skin on my hands now.
For anyone doing a JZ into a SC400. I used the front half of the SC300 fuel line. It unbolts near where the clutch line mounts to the body. Then it bolts up to the large fuel line for the 1UZ. I bent the line down and routed the flexible line around the dipstick and bolted it on. Easier and neater than the way most places do it.

Stuck driveshaft into trans

And bolted it to the body

Clutch line in.

Throttle cable done

Complete with leaves in intake manifold.

Wedge Engineering seat brackets came in.

Started fixing this harness but my lamp died.:mad:

And some cool pictures Jonny sent me this morning.

Only from the fittest of birds!

Last night sucked.

I smashed my finger.

That was the most I got done.

Front brakes done. Kinda. I still have to put in the SS lines and the LS calipers.

Got the pump going Monday night right around 1am. Crazy ordeal.

So Jonny used his powers and deduced that my fuel pump was bad. I tested it and indeed it was bad. So instead of just changing it I changed the whole tank. BUT the day I took my car to the wash, one of my well meaning friends pulled a screwdriver I had put in the latch out and shut the trunk. The key hole to the trunk was messed up and the trunk release stopped working so I could not open it.

The gas tank is in the trunk. So I had to open it. 2 hours later I got the trunk open.

I looked in the tank and there was 3/4 a tank of 9 year old gas. So I released the lines under the car.

Gas ran everywhere but in the bucket.

In my eyes, mouth, hair, armpit, pants. So so bad.

While that was draining I went and pulled the tank from the old car. Much easier since there was nothing under it.

This car was clearly resprayed by a retard

Covered some rust.

Doing up the lines. Harder than it looks.

Wired everything up and heard the pump prime so I went to bed.

I missed work yesterday and started at 8am took a 2 hour nap from 4-6 then worked till about 1am again. I cranked the car and found a few fuel leaks. Pretty bad ones. I had a crush washer on the wrong side of a banjo fitting. After that the car started. It sounded horrible due to some bad vac leaks.

Went and got gas.

Video of car running poorly.


Then I got to work on the power steering lines, rear brake lines, bled the clutch, put my tail lights in, coolant lines, filled the radiator, wire tucking the hood release and fender harness.

How far off the trans tunnel hole is from the shifter.

Predrilled holes for 5speed models.

No electricity. Whatever.

This will do till I can get to some electricity and trim a decent hole and weld up the rest. ITS NOT DONE!

Tail lights twerkin

Mike hook me up with some lightage.

So I been sick. I think its sars. That or a combo of breathing in dirt and gas and brake fluid and mold and oil and fire fumes etc. Feel like death. Been throwing up and coughing up black stuff. Lungs hurt and so do my loins. Took a half day from work and slept all day.

I dont know what I did what day but last night I was up till almost four AM. I did a bunch of stuff. Head hurts too much to explain.

Car drives but doesnt stop. I need to bleed brakes.

Left to do.

1. Exhaust (slip clamp)
2. Intercooler install
3. Bleed brakes
4. Hood
5. Fenders (trim and pull all four)
6. Install center console and electronics
7. Trim shifter hole
8. Headlights
9. Bumper
10. Wrap fender harness and move upward
11. Register/insure car

[QUOTE=ixfxi;4775097]better get down with what the wutang says, cause cash rules everything around me

you can have the headlights off of my own personal car. ive been itching to build an updated set…. all for the right price

protect ya gaddamn neck, this aint tradin places[/QUOTE]

Whats good. Tell me the price. I want those tails but Im not baller enough. They are so dope though.

[QUOTE=thefro526;4775695]OB, your refusal to admit defeat is admirable, keep it up.

As far as your illness, have you been doing any grinding/welding/metalwork lately? I’ve been sick like you’ve described from my job before, especially when I’m supervising work. Steel dust is usually black and can build up in your mucus causing you to have black sneezes. Really gross.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I had mad black stuff coming out. Barfing up blood and junk. I didn’t see you at ECB and that made me sad.

[QUOTE=irritatedmax;4776003]Lack of sleep. Your body is exhausted and as a result you feel like shit.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=silviaguy240;4776107]Which day are you attending ECB? Think Im gonna make a I ❤ Ganadors sticker and put it on your car.[/QUOTE]

Its funny you say that. I took a nap Saturday and I had a dream someone put Ganadors on my SC and I pulled the baseball bat out I keep in my trunk and knocked them off then went looking for the culprit.

I was there Sunday only.

[QUOTE=jr_ss;4776160]Blah, Blah, Blah… Less talk, more burnouts….

And you aren't working if you aren't bleeding. I see no blood on those hands… For some reason, everytime I touch my damn car I get cut some where, some how, never fails. Keep on keepin on dood.[/QUOTE]

Dog so much blood. Its crazy I havent died yet.

[QUOTE=codyace;4776258]Steel Dust makes men. Get that Emo shit outa here. If I don't' send snot rockets of metal dust glory out at the end of the day, it's not productive in my eyes.


YO WHAT THE HECK! Who is that in your Avatar? Or am I delusional and seeing things???

[QUOTE=turbo2nr;4779233]yo bro, did you make ECB!?

update pruty please[/QUOTE]

Man, Im still so beat. I took little to no pictures.

Saturday night I decided to prep the M3. I didn't want to rush the SC and have something break. More so I had seen a few pictures from Saturday at ECB and there were too many ugly cars there. I didn't want to add to that since the SC had no paint and wouldnt have they body done.

I had to put in my seats and camber arms so I could fit my spares under the arches. BMW IS THE STUPIDEST CAR MANUFACTURER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!! In order to pull two camber arms out with ease the entire differential needs to come out. I did it the way everyone on the forums described. Loosen the diff and move it to the side. In order to do this I had to drop:
1. Exhaust
2. Sway bar

So stupid. I started working at 8:34pm Sat night and did not finish until almost 7am. I did not go to sleep. Drove to ECB sick and tired lol. So hot too. Was def over 100 deg F.

I was so delirious I forgot to take pictures. Here are some I stole off FB.

Last state of the Lexus

Washed the car before heading to ECB

looking for tech

I destroyed my front bumper. Im taking a break from car crap.

QUOTE=SRS BZNS;4793755]yeah buddy, bought the entire kit its arriving in dribs and drabs[/QUOTE]

Grape Jelly boss!!

jerk chicken and i’m all in……[/QUOTE]

So good. Bury me with Jerk Chicken in my coffin so I can get my grub on at the Resurrection.

[QUOTE=Cake Is Dope;4794021]Caught the BO$$ entering ECB


For all two people that care.

I took 3 weeks off from cars after ECB. I sold the M3 then unsold it.

I did a bunch of stuff that I’m not proud of on the Lexus, and did some more wack stuff to the M3.

I bought a Diamante that doesn’t even run.

One night I was working on the SC and a wire shorted out against the frame and blew a bunch of fuses. I replaced them and after that the car ran like crap. Any throttle would make it sputter and die. Super weird. TPS and MAP sensor seem to be working fine.

I had a charging issue so I replaced the alternator.

300lph autophonics fuel pump. I hope this fixes my issue. Going to check the gas lines and the fuel filter too.

Got the hood on.

Test fit the vent…kinda.

Fit the intercooler. Funny story here. I was laying on the ground using a jack handle as a breaker bar on the end of a wratched. The welds on the nut for my tow hook broke and I punched myself in the gentlemans sausage.

Alt. Going in

Found another bumper and a carbon lip for the M3. Painted it and slapped it on. It needs re-cleared. I used cheepo clear.

Bought some harnesses for the fog lights since mine are still on the track at Etown.

Got smaller tires for the rears. 245/35. Now I can run less camber but the car doesnt drift anymore.

Did some things with a homie.

Got pulled over a bunch of times. Cops were looking for a stolen LSB with red Equips. I fit the description.

This cop’s partner asked me my wheel specs.

Bought some dope Marco’s for my bday. $349!

So Im not dead. Thanks for the suggestions SRS. lol mike that chick freaks me out.

I got the car to rev past 2k finally. It was the wire that I jumped for the ignitor. it was damaged after I had another wire in the wheel well get crushed and arced out.

Yesterday I pulled the car out to bleed the clutch and brakes. I ran out of fluid so I didn’t get to finish.

I have a little leak on one of the coolant lines, need to get two more clamps.

I used my fronts as drift spares for the M3 so I have to get some tires for them today.
When I went to pull the car back into the garage it was idling like a truck and blowing black soot. I don’t know what happened between pulling it in and out but I’m already sick of hunting misfiring issues. Killing my soul.

I had to change the wheels, the stock tires were flat and the car was too low to get in the garage. But now the car is sitting on the fenders and I have to slip the clutch at 6k rpm just to get it to move while it ratatatat pops and cries. ugh.

Garage is a MESS. I threw a tantrum in there one night. I was breaking stuff and throwing bottles against the wall. Coolant and gas leaks everywhere. I can’t wait to clean this up. I have nightmares about it when I go to bed.

…and I found this picture. I’m hating this car. I need to stop driving it.


I started off by pulling the car out the garage to clean up. I threw a bunch of stuff away that I was 50% sure I would not need 60% of the time.

A bunch of cylinders and wires and hoses and junk. Also the old moldy carpet and junk from the trunk of the car. Probably 150-200 pounds of scrap. I probably could have gotten loot for it but whatever.

After that I changed the spark plugs. Cool HKS plugs. I had a bunch of JDM leaves and junk down in the valve cover so I had to crank the car over with the plugs out to make sure all that fudge shot out and didn’t damage my pistons. Valve cover is leaking at cylinder 4 and 6 so I have to take care of that soon. Will do it when Im ready to powder coat the valve covers and stuff.

Then I loaded the car up and drove it up behind my building to get some electricity. The car was misfiring and spewing coolant all over itself. It was so loud it had folk coming outside to check out the racket. Sounded like machine guns and smelled like an electrical fire from me slipping the clutch at 7k rpm just to get up the hill. I totally felt like Fred Sanford or maybe his son.

Parked and got out my cut off wheel and grinder. IIIzuiR came over to lend a hand. So I bled the brakes kind of. It still has a little air in it. Then we went to work on the fenders and quarter panel. Three out of four went good. About 1/3 of the way through the drivers side quarter panel the tone of the cut off changed and sparks stopped flying. A distinct burning smell got stronger and stronger as I went deep into bondo and seam sealer. I probably have lung cancer. But its not as bad as how much cancer the rear quarter has. Basically someone used seam sealer and bondo on the inner fender and shaped it to look like the outer fender would look if it existed.

Still not too bad. I paid beans for the car even though it has been nothing but a huge pain.

I Eastwoodied the quarters. And put the rear equips on. Fit like a glove. I need to lower the rear a bit. Fronts were not pulled yet as I need to put tires on my 10.5J’s.

Cutting the fenders was a HUGE plus. Compared to pulling the quarters on my SC300 this was ten times easier. I think I did the first pull in like 10 min or so? It was mad quick. Easier than even a S14 quarter.

Then I cut the trans tunnel to fit the shifter in properly. I gave Ruiz a fire extinguisher and told him to save my beard first in the event of a fire. Luckily no blaze started.

Got a lot done for just one day. Electricity is such a beautiful thing. The weather was perfect for me. Not too hot not to cold and plenty of sun.

I wanted to share this with y’all since I didn’t win and it wont be put into production. I entered that Stillen FRS contest. There were some NICE entries so I guess I didnt really stand a chance. But a cat from Stillen did email me back and say he loved it so that hyped my head up a bit.

Also I was fooling around with some color schemes. So far most people are saying white on red. I think I want to do purple face Equips and pearl white . I usually HATE pearl colors but this one is growing on me. Im getting old.

And some tandem dreaming…

Curse you man.

I might just go with this cuz these quarters are Asparigus. But that thing will probably need 19’s or 20’s to stay off the ground. Plus I would never drift it.

I CANNOT GET THIS CAR TO DRIVE PROPERLY. It has no power and stumbles misses hesitates like a retard at a disco. I hate my life so hard.

I will paypal someone $50 if they can tell me exactly WTFlip. Or if you come fix it I will give you $50 cash and some jerk chicken and two bottles of D&G Cream Soda.

Hate this car.




Thanks boss.

So the struggle continues.

Sunday Mike from One Motion was supposed to come over 8am. So I went out 7am to clean up and start work. Mike was delayed about 9 hours so I had time to do some work on my other car. Spark plugs and oil change.

I put the car up on ramps and drained the oil. Then started pulling the spark plugs out.

As I went to install the first plug I realized I had the wrong plugs. So I had to walk home and search for the right plugs. Luckily I had to take a dump anyway so it was a good time for a break.

Armed with the right plugs I finished up that job pretty quickly and turned to the oil change.

Everything went smooth until I was tightening the drain plug. It kept spinning and would not tighten. Then it would not back out. Apparently the threads on the bolt stripped. I was too frustrated to work on it any further. So I filled it with oil and checked for leaks. None. OK whatever.

Then I started to back the car off the ramps. Now how I get on the ramps is I cut the wheel all the way to the left and put a ramp on the drivers side. Once that side is up I jack the other side up and put a ramp under it.

Removal is exactly the opposite. So with the wheel cut, I start backing down. Then I hear a crack. I stop and drive back up the ramp.

The bumper completely separated from its mounts and broke off.

I cursed and threw things. Ripped the bumper off and tossed it in the garage with my wrecked SC. I went in for a few hours and watched the start of the Eagles game. After the 2nd drive I went back outside because I knew they were going to lose (they did)

I did a bunch of checks on the SC. I removed the fuse box and checked everything. Reassembled it and checked my grounds. I checked all connections to sensors and coilpacks. Everything looked fine. But still the car ran like bollocks.

Mike finally made it over around 5 pm and we did some continuity testing on the harness. Everything looked fine, we also did some testing of sensors and they seemed fine as well but the car still ran slag.

Last night I went over a friends house and borrowed:

1. ECU (fresh back from getting new capacitors)
2. Igniter
3. MAP sensor

Around midnight still in my dress clothes I swapped each in one by one and tried the car. Nothing. I tried all three at the same time. Nothing. I removed them one by one. Nothing.

At least I did not waste $350 buying another ecu when that was not my issue.

Im completely stumped and close to setting this car ablaze.

But I did get some shots of my dudes car.

[url=]fantastic voyages unlimited | I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT![/url]

I got a fellow’s phone number through my dude Dan Poppa who used to work for Montco Auto Glass named Matt.

He came over last night to pull the windshield from my red car and put it on the white one, cool dude.

We walked to my garage and my key got stuck in the lock. I knew it was going to be a bad night. My Lamps were dead so I ran over to Home Depot to buy more. I grabbed a LED flashlight and what I thought was another Husky Rechargable LED Lamp. When I got back to my garage I realized it was just a halogen. So I gave Matt the Flashlight and went back to Home Depot. Apparently they discontinued the lamps so I asked if I could buy the floor model for a discount. The manager gave me a tag for $7. Sweet!! I had bought the same lamp a few months before for $50!!

So I went to the cash register to pay and the attendant could not ring it up. 43 minutes later I was on my way back to the garage. After pulling the lamp out I realized it was broken….

…Oh well Matt was already done pulling the glass out the red car. As I walked to the next garage that housed my white slab I saw him pulling the windshield off that car.

Nice! But as I got closer I saw the look his face…then I saw what was under the windshield that made his face look so.

A closer look would reveal more rust than was on the rest of the entire car. Two holes and maybe more…

I instantly started crying. Matt punched me in the stomach and told me pull it together. Fix the rust then call him to install the glass. We went to gather his tools and realized my keys were still stuck. After about 10 min. of pulling and turning and crying we gave up and I left the key in the hole and shut the garage.

After I cleaned up the tears I turned to the check engine light. In order to get it working I had to move one wire, a blue and yellow one to another plug so it would match up with the harness from the engine.

I found the wire and moved it. Armed with a paper of trouble codes and causes I was confident that I would finally figure out my stalling issue.

I followed the procedure to put the car into diag. mode but the light just stayed on. It never blinked. I doubled checked everything and tried again. Solid CEL. I tried another ECU. Solid CEL. I tried pulling the ECL fuse to clear everything. Solid CEL.

I started crying again…

Luckily while I was working the night security guard I am cool with came by with some WD40 and pliers and pulled my key out the garage. But now I cannot get in the garage.

BUT I did see George Clooney on CNN. I’m not sure when he became a reporter though.

So now I am considering a few things.

1. Setting my car on fire.
3. buying a new car
4. parting this one out and never modifying another car
5. fixing the rust with bondo then crashing it at club loose
7. doing a complete restoration on the car and doing it real proper
9. shoosting myself in the fayce
11teen. crying more into the bosom of a motherly figure
9. buying another S14 and putting the 1JZ in there.

Sell me your SC Mike.

Actually I only want a 300. 400 wiring is doo doo supreme. Contacted a guy in about one. I plan on going down Sunday to look at possibly bring it home. I have a feeling it will be gone though. If it is then whatever it wasn’t meant to be and I will keep on with this pile of dingus.

This purchase will really mess me up as the money was supposed to go into fixing this Diamante I bought. Blown engine. Money maker/Winter car.

It’s sitting at my friends house and I need to move it soon.

I thought about making it FWD semi VIP cool but it will probably only make it look hoodie.

This is also cutting into my motorcycle fund. I need to buy one before the spring time.

Ugh… too late. I just put a deposit on another 5 speed SC.

[url=]5 speed sc300 – YouTube[/url]

Someone trade me for S14.

Everything is for trade. I’m tired.


[QUOTE=SRS BZNS;4990475]I went to school for it to. I now run a high end appliance store.

Waste of an education. should have just went to the gym and became a male stripper. They make doll-hairs[/QUOTE]

Crud. You probably making more bank than me though. Frik we the same age.

[QUOTE=IIIXziuR;4991197]UNGH. I, too, should have also became a Chippendale male exotic dancer.
Shake that money maker.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=SRS BZNS;4992013]I hear the helicopter is the money making move[/QUOTE]

Can we start a biz?? Zilvia stripper gram. I need to get in shape first. Cant do no copter even though I don’t know what it is, but it sounds strenuous. lol

PICTURES!! No more words.

[QUOTE=silviaguy240;4997193]Mr. Baxter, would you be interested in vinyl for the 90’s awesome chariot soiree? I believe me and my broham shall be attending.[/QUOTE]

Yes, that would be dope, but my finances are stressed at the moment. Hope to see yall there!

[QUOTE=JonathanPrem;4996853]m3 fender didnt look so good in that top pic[/QUOTE]

M3 fender is beat. Both of them.

[QUOTE=ixfxi;4997299]that poor e46

looks so beat at times. i dont even understand how you break a driveshaft.

question, dont you think less cars but better working cars would be better than all of these non working cars? not talking shit, just asking

its like… im sure you know it but, you got too much going on and not enough being completed


[QUOTE=KA-Life86;4997762]I usually disagree with everything you say, in every way possible. I don’t even mention it most of the time when I read your posts, because I know you really could not care less. But for once, I completely concur with the above statement.

I have read this thread all the way through. Dedication and honesty admiration aside, it seems like you try to do too many things, and 95% of them end up going wrong. You have talent, I feel confident if you narrowed your scope, you would have considerably more success in all your ventures.

But hey for what its worth, the bimmer looks slick from 30 feet away :coold:[/QUOTE]

I can understand why you guys would say that.

All I can say is this was not the plan. I only want a sweet daily, a good looking track car and a bike. Doing what I have to to get there!

[QUOTE=silviaguy240;4997628]Probably the guibo. Stupid bmw’s using rubber connectors.[/QUOTE]

The center bearing in the drive shaft goes bad often on these cars especially the early model E46’s. This is the second one I have replaced. The permanent fix is a one piece drive shaft.

I’m having issues with the title not matching the VIN. MVA recorded an 8 instead of a 3 on the 6th digit, so I have not been able to register the black one. More problems less money.

In the mean time I finished my other Lexus. SC450…

Also I asked Lo Lo Jones to Marry me:
[url=]Lo Lo Jones I want to hug you. | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]

[QUOTE=ixfxi;5028022]you do realize i am handicapped? seriously, i am part retard… part mongoloid[/QUOTE]

But that is what makes you cute Mike!

[QUOTE=Goofs;5267489]Anything new?[/QUOTE]

Yes. I decided to keep the black car.

I fitted the Chrome Equips to the M3 since it has more room up front for the 10.5j’s. The red ones will go on the black SC.

Found some photo’s on the net of the M3. People hate it and I love that.

I am parting out and selling the red and white one. I got more parts but less time and money.

[url=]SC300 AND SC400 Part Out Party[/url]


Selling stock seats from M3.

[url=]E46 M3 OEM Seats[/url]

I went to the Nurburgring and drove a Swift and almost killed myself.

Part 1: [url=]Street Dreams Part 1… | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]

Part 2:[url=]Street Dreams Part 2 / Rent4Ring… | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]

Part 3: [url=]Street Dreams Part 3 Cars and Castles… | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]


Won a design contest for the S14 Kouki.

Driveshaft blew on the M3 so I did a DSS one piece. MY friend Mike owns One Motion so we knocked it out one Sunday. Never again will I modify a BMW.

Swapped the Red Equips for the chrome ones. They look much better in my opinion.

Then I witnessed some dude flip his car in a random snow storm.
[url=]WAKE UP…! | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]

Got more wheels from Ruiz.

Who convinced me to do this…

All that for a TV. One of the worst expiriences I have ever had working on a car. Good thing I have good friends that were there with me or I seriously would have raged and smashed my car to pieces.

I will never mod a BMW again.

Bought this to try and figure out my issue with the SC. The ignition would no longer crank the car and the headlights stopped working.

I laid low for the winter. I sat around, did ZERO car work trying to rehab myslef. For the past 10+ years I have done a build of some sort every fall and finished every spring. This is the first time I have ever failed and I failed HARD. So I needed to chill. I ate alot, watched a lot of TV and did not even open my garage. I actually had my GF drive me to work for 5 months. When the driveshaft broke on the M3 I decided that God was clearly frustrating everything I did so I decided to do nothing for a while. Then in the spring after I fixed the M3 I decided to do something I had not done in a long time. Just enjoy cars, so I went to the UMD car meet and the Make a Wish TST meet in the same day. Ruiz was my co pilot.

[url=]UMD/TST (The Fantastic Voyages of RuBax Cube)… | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]

At the TST meet I was asked by Cary of CSM Photography/Los Goonies to do a shoot.

A few from the set:

Found some photo’s of the M3 on the interweb from the day.

My favorite one.

Ha cool.

I have some good stuff coming up soon for the Lexus. Its at One Motion getting the electrical bugs worked out. I could only do so much at home in my garage with no electricity or lighting.

Mike and TJ picked it up about 2 weeks ago. Im rearing to go with swapping everything over. Im trying to make Drift Nirvana in a few weeks, but realistically ECB at the end of the month.

Oh yeah, we were swapping the engine in the Diamante and saw that the trans was blown so I sold that.

This just in…

After mornings like this…I think its time for the M3 to go.

Yo Glen, if you have some stuff you want let me know. Mike does group orders and they cut him deals. I will probably be ordering more stuff later. I know he will too for his car.

Sunday I went to One Motion to do some stuff.

For the first time in my life I received good information on Club Lexus. I had arched out a wire while driving and my car would not start from the ignition and the headlights would not turn on. Since before thanksgiving I was trouble shooting and could not figure it out. Mike discovered my immobilizer was the cause of the start issue, but after hours of trouble shooting could not figure out the headlights.

It turns out I destroyed my integration relay which was in the WORST possible location on the back of the fuse box on the drivers side kick panel.

I was given this diagram to bypass it.

But since I have multiple cars my ocd decided to just replace it so my automatic headlights work.

Mike kept me company by trying to offer me strange drinks and telling me why my car sucks.

It doesnt even look like anything is changing but it is.


So I started to assemble the dash and tuck all the wires away.

Mike was prepping an SR swap for WhoaItsNico, and I helped in between frustration breaks.

Dash going in finally.

Mike also mounted some more tires and wheels for me in preperation for ECB.

Time is short but I should be driving by ECB.

Colin who used to work for One Motion is an excellent Fabricator. He gave me this practice piece which serves no purpose but to look cool, so I made him sign it. I want him to build a cage for me in the future, but nothing FD legal because that is gay.

[QUOTE=SRS BZNS;5305467]Yeah they are still for sale but there is a car attached to them now $4000


Dang man. I love your car. I want it but I have three SC’s already. Need to purge.

[QUOTE=300gold;5305620]I just got back into my 3rd SC after 4 years away and that scene has changed a lot. Your thread there is about the only thing worth looking at.[/QUOTE]

Thanks man. LOL, the moderators are 90% of the problem. The rules are nuts.

The day before yesterday the possible answer to all my problems showed up.

So the night before last, Mike came to get the white car. But before that I had to reassemble the suspension. I had taken everything off it to put onto the black car. So I used the old tokiko springs and struts and a spring compressor to get it together. Doing that alone was a massive pain. I got very dirty and very bloody. My friend Duy came by just as I was getting the last wheel on. He has a sweet 6 speed LS400 on SSR AD’s. If my M3 sells I told him he is obligated to sell it to me.

More pictures of his car on my site: [url=]Duy LS400… | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]

Mike showed up shortly after so I pulled the car out for the first time in a long time. It drove up on the trailor with great difficulty but we made it.

He was in a bad mood because his face hurt.

I decided to sell this as a roller and to sell my NA 2J motorset seperately. I was going to do a NA 2J S14. But I dont know about that anymore. Maybe keep the trans for an LS400.

I loaded up my cheepo exhaust. Mike wants to do a new one but there may not be time before ECB. Wheels and tires and misc stuff.

Then we went to the shop and unloaded.

I didn’t get home to sleep til 4am! I had to wake up at 7 for work.

Last night I stayed late at work trying to finish up some projects and sending out invoices so I can pay for some parts and my entry fee.

I didn’t leave my desk until 3:25am exactly. Two days in a row is punishing me face. But I did finish some cool stuff.

A Banner and business card for a guy who has his hands in multiple businesses.

Changes to a livery for a local driver I did a while back. He drives a turbo V6 Mustang. He landed a sponsor to wrap the car in a patriotic theme.

A T-shirt design for an upcoming event.

And my one of my favorite projects so far. A JGTC themed Accord that is being built for Sema 2013. I have one more to do with a wide body of my design. The customer was pumped over this. Worth my while.

I’m beat but finally progress has returned, so I am happy.

Also I found this GIF of Lebron. Its awesome.

[QUOTE=codyace;5309415]Damn only a Vespa. How dare you. JK

The Mustang livery looks cool, especially on the Enkeis.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=drscooper;5310280]glad to see some work. the equips still looks good.

also your work is amazing man.[/QUOTE]

Thanks man.

[QUOTE=Aroddalobster;5311575]I see more photoshoot threads featuring the most stock, underwhelming, and/or sometimes offensive-looking cars in the world.[/QUOTE]

The worst forum ever.

Finished the rendering for this Sema Accord.


Too tired to type. Not sure if I will make ECB. Engine ran and revved good but its flooded and locked due to the injectors running constantly.

Also I figured out this is the reason the engine would not rev in the white car. A kinked fuel line. I wasted a year diagnosing nothing.

Broke foot.

Mr. Marley’s skid racer:

Both the SC’s

Origin GT Wing. They sent me the wrong stands.

1J going in:

Entire drivetrain is in and bolted up, intercooler blah blah, just chasing some minor issues and fighting fatigue. Mostly Mike fighting fatigue since he is doing the bulk of the work. He started modifying the fenders yesterday. We struck a deal for him to do all the work in exchange for a set of wheels and my old shell.
Random shots.

Colin doing one wheel peels in his Mullet Machine…


Also some work I just finished for a customer.

[QUOTE=MarcD;5324691]New shoe looks good haha, makes for easy heal n’ toe at least.

That Zero would go well in my Chaser….[/QUOTE]

LOL, I’m actually going to stop driving. If I get into an accident and they see this boot I’m automatically at fault.

[QUOTE=tricky_ab;5324730]Nice to see that you’re keeping the build moving (even when you’re broken off).

That looks like it’s a Bride Maxis III (Rep) seat…

And I agree that you should totally buy one for your Chaser.[/QUOTE]

Thanks man, and yep. Maxis III rep. Probably selling it to TJ. I’ve been wanting a pair of Status really bad. M3 will get more reps though because its ironic and I’m a hipster lol.


Still need tho (legit), or Cuga’s…[/QUOTE]

Boss, PLEASE no Cuga, they are so strange looking. Maxis is pretty narrow as well as Zero’s. I stink with names but the Bride with the ears that have holes in them are comfy. I think Im getting a pair of those next.

[QUOTE=irritatedmax;5324931]Solid update as usual man. The driving ones will come. Also I really dig your design/artistic style. Keep up the good work![/QUOTE]

Thanks man! Always good when someone appreciates the art.

LOL Mike, I can’t afford slaves. Plus too many white women around my house would cause problems.

So the engine is now flooding!!! First not enough fuel now too much. The injectors were pulsing and the pump was running with just the battery connected and no key in.

I went to the shop last night and fixed that issue by moving a wire on the IJ1 plug. But now they run with the key on and the engine not cranking. Gas is pouring so not sure what is happening. Pretty confident the car won’t make ECB. Mike says he can still do it but I have not heard from him so I can only assume he didn’t fix it.

Face is sad.

At least my wheel fitment in the back is on point. He did a good job there.

LOL Mike, I can’t afford slaves. Plus too many white women around my house would cause problems.

So the engine is now flooding!!! First not enough fuel now too much. The injectors were pulsing and the pump was running with just the battery connected and no key in.

I went to the shop last night and fixed that issue by moving a wire on the IJ1 plug. But now they run with the key on and the engine not cranking. Gas is pouring so not sure what is happening. Pretty confident the car won’t make ECB. Mike says he can still do it but I have not heard from him so I can only assume he didn’t fix it.

Face is sad.

At least my wheel fitment in the back is on point. He did a good job there.

Thanks man.
Unfortunately Im hitting some of the worst luck now. I was not going to post until I had this thing driving but sadly not even One Motion could figure it out. Its been there for the entire summer. Hoping someone gives me a random suggestion that happens to be the issue.

New ECU with caps serviced
New Alternator
Two MAP sensors
brand new TPS
New 255lph fuel pump. (helped car run better)
New fuel filter (helped car run better)
Double checked wiring
pinched my girls bum
new spark plugs
checked coil packs
Checked MAP hose
MAP wiring
Coil Wiring
The entire harness has been out of the engine. Like Intake manifold apart and the wiring checked.

I am stumped.
Mike @ One Motion is stumped.
AAron @driftmotion is stumped.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions please enlighten me.
I farted.

The car works!!!!!!!!


[QUOTE=ehhhregartless;5409101]Finally some good news. Ashy Larry is proud of you.[/QUOTE]

What up Ashy Larry!!

[QUOTE=iamtheyi;5409183]oh my gah. After such struggle, I am glad to see you have diagnosed the issue. Keep it up :).[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=irritatedmax;5409332]Great news! Happy you’re no longer pulling your hair out.[/QUOTE]

Thanks dudes.

I was sick of people telling me to quit. If anything I can quit now that we figured it out. But I don’t let things beat me.

This was with my ECU that apparently needs the capacitors replaced.

[url=]20130908_162439 | Flickr – Photo Sharing![/url]

Fro sold me his ECU, injectors, fuel rail, and FPR all for about the cost of the ECU. Awesome friend. Check out his build.

[url=]TheFro!!! | A blog that’s supposed to be about drifting, but will probably involve a bunch of unrelated crap aswell.[/url]

Thanks man.
I dont even remember what those pictures are. So long ago.

So to occupy my time while I wait for the Lexus to work and to relieve some stress I’ve been working on an old XJ750. 1983, the year my mom dropped me off.

The day before yesterday I got hit on my way home from work. Shook me up more mentally than physically. Not to say I wasn’t hurt though. The bike landed on my bad ankle and I tweaked my back and got a light burn on my calf.

So I took the day off to clear my head. But just sitting around wasn’t helping so I did some stuff on the M that I have been putting off.
Fixed my headlights/angel eyes, installed the bumper grille, installed my center console that eliminates the armrest (this is probably the best thing Ive done as shifting and using the e-brake is so much easier.) Repainted sideskirt, eyelids, and my diffuser and some other randomness.

Old vs. New.

The old is for sale with a brand new unused leather cover.

Fixed my faded carbon fiber BMW rundal.

Prepping stuff for paint. Notice I did not paint my quarter panels. I think I like them all gritty and making people salty.

Everything back together. I realized I didn’t take before and after shots to show how bad those items were. But trust they were pretty bad. Especially the sideskirt and eyelids.

Also did some color studies for some homies of mine. We were going to paint our cars the same color but we are divided right down the middle.

and finally some junk for Cadillac.

No word from Mike yet when I can get the car. Apparently its still running rough even after the diagnosis fix and all the money spent two weeks back. Hopefully he calls or something soon to let me know whats up. Now I am aiming for 100 drifters of December down at Summit Point.

Also rip to Eiji Toyoda, dead at 100.

Also more bad news…

I was driving back from DC on Sunday and I hit a mountain of a bump. Like hitting a parking block at 70mph.

My shift linkage was destroyed. Actually I dont know if it was destroyed because its not on the car anymore. Luckily I have a Rouge engineering short shift kit laying around to install. I don’t like short shifters but I would rather replace the OEM stuff with stronger parts and this stuff is pretty beefy. Its weighted and like billet pieces.

I just need some of the clips and stuff to do it. Ordered those today from Rouge. Also ordered some new bars for my bike so I can get to work and not have to catch rides.


[B][COLOR=”Red”]I had AAA tow the car towed to my house and…it showed up with no drivers side quarter glass.[/COLOR][/B] The driver was acting really stupid and asking me how the window was attached and that it seemed like a weak way to attach a window. I told him to take it up with BMW but the window was there when I gave him the car. Now I have to deal with AAA to fix this.

Also some before photo’s of my bike.

The day it was delivered.

The night my alternator died.

and now…I just ordered woodcraft 2 piece bars so I can mount everything in the front lower, new grips and mirrors since these ones keep rattling loose.

and something I did on friday.

These videos are of the engine before the injectors went bad apparently. The 2k limit.

[url=]VIDEO0008.mp4 Video by OBEEWON | Photobucket[/url]


[url=]VIDEO0005.mp4 Video by OBEEWON | Photobucket[/url]


This video is after we swapped injectors but not the ECU. It is breaking up I think because the ECU needed new caps. We used another ECU and it revved fine. I don’t have a video of that.

After this apparently it stopped working again:

[url=]20130908_162439 | Flickr – Photo Sharing![/url]

I just got off the phone with Ben Liaw at Rogue Engineering.

First let me say I love the stuff I have from them, but I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Ben and how he conducts business.

I called Ben on Monday to order some parts. These parts I had already priced at the dealership. My car was down and the dealer is not close so I decided to see if I could get them from Rogue. Ben said he would check to see if he had the parts in stock and to email him. I sent him a list of what I needed and he responded with $40 plus $10 for shipping. Almost exactly twice the price of the dealer. But I figured for his trouble and for saving some on my end, whatever.

I sent payment through paypal and listed again what I needed. Using the nomenclature from the dealer website and cross referencing it with the nomenclature from Rogues site.

The next day I received the package with two items missing.

Annoying right? No big deal but slight delay which is nothing I am not used to.

So I called Rogue and asked for Ben.

Right away instead of listening he is doing most of the talking and telling me what I need. He ended up getting very disrespectful and accused me of not knowing what I was asking for or what I needed. I explained to him that I listed the items I needed 1-5 in the email to which he responded

“All 5 items below (updated rod joint does not require washers), for $40, plus shipping. Figure $10 for shipping. Paypal ok to [email][/email]”

Regardless of who is right or wrong, if you have a customer that is for any reason un-happy you stay calm and figure out a solution. If anyone should have been upset it should have been me. I overpaid (knowingly) and did not receive what I asked for, instead I received beratement.

Despite how much I like Rogue Engineering’s stuff I will not be shopping there anymore. If I am treated this way over a $50 order, even worse, two parts that total less than a few bucks I would not trust them with anything else. Just in case anyone is in limbo about dealing with them.


LOL exactly. Only he is part owner so he has no oversight to be corrected by.

Some screen shots from blah blah blah.
I do drive sometimes…

List of tried parts
Four ecus. One fresh from caps service at driftmotion
All six injectors
Three fprs
Three fuel ecus
2 sets of Coil packs
2 sets of Spark plugs
Both cam sensors
Crank sensor
Three tps things
Entire throttle body swapped to non trac
2 alternators
Wiring pulled inspected and ohm tested
Bypassed fuel dampener
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Coil pack connectors
Ecu coolant temp sensor
New gas

It’s funny you say that. Someone on Club Lexus made that suggestion. Ive been really sick lately and have not been able to go over to the shop to look but I suggested that to Mike. Hopefully he looked into it. I will as soon as I can. He said he took the harness apart again and checked it out and its fine.

I sold the white Lexus on Sunday. Sad and happy to see it go same time because it was a good shell but I have no time or energy for it.

Ruiz came and helped me get it ready to be taken away and away it went.

Then he took me moto for a spin.

M3 is now at Mishimoto. More about that here:

[url=]Mishimoto… | fantastic voyages unlimited[/url]

Links elsewhere are wack. I was being lazy.


Mishimoto is an american company that specializes in cooling systems for cars.
I had been in talks with John Petty at Mishimoto to lend them my car for development of a radiator and oil cooler for the E46 M3.

Luckily I have not had any issues with my stock cooling system but a few times at the track I had seen temperatures get a bit warmer than I would like.

So I was happy to hear from John that they were ready to take my car in for development.

John gave me a tour of the facility, showed me some of their upcoming itmes, and explained their process.

Using some very nice equipment they develop radiators for Diesel trucks to supercars and everything in between.

This particular item I have worked with before in my engineering and design training. It is a 3D printer driven by 3d modeling software. If you can model it, this thing can make it.

This is one of the items that was being worked on recently. A pipe coupling for a diesel truck.

Mishimoto recently moved into a new building with a workspace in the back. This way they could save time by doing installations, demo videos, testing all in house.

I don’t have much experience with Mishimoto’s products. I have used their radiator breifly in the past. While I was pleased with the appearance of the radiator I did not own the vehicle long enough to test it out thoroughly. So I will be curious to see how these items work.
Part one is acquiring measurements for the oil cooler and radiator for the E46. Part two I will return my car to Mishimoto for testing. More pictures of their facility then.

Nerd Mode.

On my way to Mishimoto I spotted a familiar shape out of the corner of my eye. I asked John to make a stop as he was driving me back home so I could take a closer look.

Now I have not seen many GT40′s in person and even fewer in the wild so I my eye was not keen enough to discern if this was the real deal. So I walked into the shop it was parked in front of to talk to the owner.

“It’s a replica.” The owner informed me with a smile. He was clearly proud of his work, and why shouldn’t he be? It was close enough to confuse me so he had done a great job. He informed me that wherever possible he used original parts and everything else was to spec. After getting his permission to take some pictures I popped back outside.

Replica or not I did not care. It was beautiful. The fact that the owner drove it to work frequently made it even better. John agreed.

Nothing is more shameful to me than a beautiful painting, or sculpture being hidden away in someones private collection. It should be on display for all to see, and doubly so for a car.

Even if just once a week, they should be in the sun so little kids can jump up and down with their minds blown in awe as it rumbles past.

Nothing is sadder than a car that rusts away in a barn or sits in a garage under a cover only to be pulled out once a year to be washed then tucked away.

Cars are not investments, they are not status symbols, nerdy idealizations of technology, they are grown man toys.

The public road is the living room carpet, and these cars are our Maisto 1:18 scale models.

This isn’t really a build thread. Admins changed the title and moved it to the build section, but it’s more of a (sad) story with building mixed in. At this point I have a pile of parts waiting to go onto my Lexus and even my BMW but I can’t do that until I solve this issue. More build stuff when it comes, and trust me I want to see it more than anyone.

Until then…

My friend Punch brought this thing over to my apartment.

Everyone has a list of cars that they want to drive, except of course those that do not have a list of cars they want to drive.

My list is pretty long and convoluted. I have checked off not many of the cars in the super car category but my good friend Punch helped me get one knocked off recently. A 90′s 911 non turbo was my first “super car” that I was able to knock off my list. Since then I had been wanting badly to drive a turbo. One day I got a very vague call from my good friend Punch that did not make much sense.

“Where are you?” he had asked. “I am about to come by.”

Usually Punch was very specific and laid back, but that day his voice was focused and direct. I had received a similar call about a year earlier but I was not home. Later Punch informed me that he had traded cars with a client of his for the weekend and he wanted to surprise me. My mind raced at the thought that this could be the second chance.

Sure enough Punchy showed up at my door with this beauty.

The sun was shining and the roads were fairly clear, a perfect time for a drive.

Now, I had been in cars with this much power or more, but nothing that rode or handled quite like it. The turbo surge was tremendous and just sitting in the passengers seat was a treat.

The leather interior was exquisitely crafted and still smelled new hinting that the ridiculously low numbers on the odometer read true.

After a while Punch relinquished the keys and allowed me to check off another car from my list.

As I got behind the wheel immediately my pores went into overtime shooting sweat from every part of my body.

The excitement and fear of damaging such a pristine machine bombarded my face. But those emotions were soon drowned out by the pure fun of the drive.

No matter how violent I was with the gas pedal the huge rear tires barely made a sound as they griped the road even when the turbos sprung into action with a wall of power.

Every turbo car I had owned or driven before had two distinct characteristics that were lacking in the 911: lack of traction and a distinct point in the rpm range where power dropped off.

The Porsche seemed as if it could pull forever. But it was so smooth and planted that it was almost uneventful.

If you have not yet I encourage you to try it. But be warned P car turbos are definitely habit forming. Thanks again Punchy!

So I’m sick of this not being about the SC. I went to One Motion last night and had a long conversation with Mike. 8 months and almost $2k the car is not running. We talked about what to do.

He feels the engine harness needs to be replaced since it is about the only thing aside from the engine itself that has not been changed. I am reluctant to do so because he pulled it apart and checked it over and said everything looked fine. He Ohm tested it as well. So far I have spent almost 2 grand throwing parts at the problem, enough to buy a new engine. The only thing we have not replaced is the engine and the engine harness.

He wants me to buy a brand new harness from Tweak’d performance but two things make me nervous.

1. he said he is 50% sure its the harness. $1,000 is a lot for 50% certainty.
2. I wouldn’t mind spending $1,000 on a brand new harness but I don’t know specifically if the harness is 100% new.

So I sent Tweak’d this email. Hopefully they get back to me.

[QUOTE]Hi, I’m trying to determine if I need to buy a brand new engine harness from you. At this point I have tried everything but replacing the harness. I have a 92 SC300 oem 5 speed with a 1JZ pulled from a manual Soarer. Both are 1992. I had the swap running and driving for a year when I crashed and had to re-shell. After I got the swap running in the new shell a wire in the body harness was damaged and arched on some metal in the wheel well. From then on the engine would not rev over 2,000 RPM.

I bought another running and driving 92 SC300 OEM 5 speed and put the engine in with the same issues. So I took it to a shop and they took the harness apart and checked over the wires and ohm-ed them as well. They told me it was fine and continued to trouble shoot. 8 months and quite a lot of money and parts later they think it’s the harness.

This is a list of new parts we have tried:

1. ECU x3
2. Injectors
3. Fuel rail
4. FPR x3
5. Fuel Pump x2
6. Fuel Filter
7. Igniter
8. Timing checked twice
9. New timing belt tensioner
10. Coil packs
11. Spark plugs
12. Fuel
13. Crank Sensor
14. Knock Sensors
15. Cam sensors
16. Coolant temp sensor (ecu)
17. spot welded crank trigger wheel
18. Coil pack connectors
19. Fuel Dampener Bypass
20. Fuel Pump ECU x3
21. Fuel Pump bypass 12v constant modification
22. Ice Cream

At this point the only thing we have not changed is the wiring harness. The car will not rev above 2,000 rpm, the fuel pump runs as long as the battery is connected, we have double checked and triple checked pin outs to make sure the wiring is correct (even though it has not changed since the engine last ran successfully), and the engine floods. Let me know your thoughts please. I am just afraid to spend $1,000 without being sure that this is the issue especially after spending so much money already.[/QUOTE]

If anyone has experience with Tweak’d or their product a review would help a ton.

Stuffs for sale so I can live, aka I need the money bro. If you truly love me you will not make fun of the prices. Write it off on your taxes as a donation to charity. Face:

Never installed brand new Origin Carbon fiber 1750mm GT wing and stands. -$855

Pair of Bride Maxis seats, one used one still new – $500 (WithWedge brackets made for either E46 M3 or SC300/400 $800)

Work Equips 18×10.5 +3 18×11 -3 $2800

Work Equips 18×10+22 and 18×11+11 – $2800

Brand new 1J/2J TPS – $50

SC300 wiring book – $25

Stuff I don’t have pictures of yet:

OEM SC300 97+ Urethane Side Skirts – $300
Hood vent, whatchucall it style – $190
Vertex Side skirts – $300
Vertex Style Sideskirts – $200
Vertex Style front bumper – $200
OEM Chucki 95 – 96 bumper – $275
Rideskins Urethane front lip modified to fit 96-96 bumper – $375
OEM SC300/400 hood (white) – $200
OEM SC300/400 trunk with spoiler (white) – $250

Tweaked checked over my harness and nothing is wrong with it.
Face hurts.

I went to Ruiz’s house and we drove his truck to Staten Island and picked up a new interior for the M3. All black everything. Im selling the Maxis III’s if anyone wants them. I’m also selling one Gias. Some pictures of Ruiz’s car too.

Also a design I did were completed in time for Sema. I think they came out pretty good.

And a local US Drift Car design.

No clue what I’m gonna do about the Lexus. I guess it wont be running in 2013. That it all.

New harness was messed up, no stuck valves.

lc7VU_tCqg.mp4 from oth bax on Vimeo.


BIZZACK from oth bax on Vimeo.



DRIVESLO.mp4 from oth bax on Vimeo.


Those videos probably didn’t embed…no care.

Mike found the TPS at the shop Mike, I just have to make it over there and get it. We are close to getting it to you man hold on!! lol. Its been forever.

anyway, does anyone happen to know how to wire Ganadors to an SC or Soarer? I’ve been searching for a bit with no luck.

If not does anyone read Japanese? I cannot get anything but the down and in direction to work.

FINALLY I found some OEM shaped mats with the retainer holes. I paid $94 for these shipped or something like that. I got a heel pad as well to keep it from getting a hole in the center.

Some period correct ride out music for the SC.

Sorting out the Ganador wiring.

LED City lights and the equivalent to the scarlet A. I officially have the disease.

Bumper body work. Hole in the M3 bumper and shaving emblem and plate holes in the Lexus bumper.

My spray booth.

And other randomness.

Remembering Hank Aaron’s 715th. The 40th anniversary just passed.

I’m selling my daily before Im tempted to do anything to it. 98 black on black 150k miles, great shape.

Excellent in the snow.

And I got paint and clear on both bumpers, next I need to buff them.

I ordered this seat yesterday…

but Sonic Motor said they are no longer getting them. If anyone knows where to get a Gardis III rep I will buy you dinner.

Youre going to love this update Mike.

Bumpers cleared.

Hotchkis rear end links to replace my busted OEMs.

New lips for the Equips on the SC.

I went and got the M3 inspected. Since I havent driven it in 5 months I decided to take it to NY instead of my beater to visit my friend for his birthday.

Exactly halfway accross the Verizano I heard a clunk and right away knew what it was. I drove the remaining 10 miles or so at 40mph and 20mph up hills and over bumps with the diff punding around. Good thing the subframe is reinforced. I made it to my friends house and the next day I borrowed a jack and bought some stands and a ratchet set and pulled out the front bolt mount the the M3. Its a common problem these backing out, but Ive never had one snap. Pretty much worse case scenario.

This bolt is expensive and hard to find. Easter weekend, all the BMW dealerships are closed, and most of them dont stock this part anyway. I got lucky and found one in Jersey. So my friend drove me to pick it up. It took about 4 hours round trip with all the traffic, and we couldnt find the place on the GPS.

Rocking his birthday gloves. He has a 1LE Camaro. If I was into car payments I would sell all I have and buy this car. Simple, fast, cheap if anything breaks.

New bolt.

Comparison of how much was left in the diff.

Sunday Morning Ruiz drove up from Jersey to bring me some additional tools to drop the diff. Of course we had to make multiple runs to get more stuff we forgot.

Diff out.

The threads were stretched out from the diff torquing with a loose bolt in it. Worst design in life.

Tried an easy out and it snapped off. Went and bought a carbide bit and it just kept wandering and reeming out the hole.

At this point I went in and watched Hamilton win China since I knew I would have to take this to a machine shop, and use a time-sert to redo the holes or fill it with weld and retap.

So much salt on Nico’s face.

Apparently no machine shops in NY can remove broken bolts so I had to tow the car home. Tolls alone were over $200.

Strongly considering parting this car out. Its too soft and sensitive. I really only care about the SC anyway. I tried to sell it and even trade it for this motorcycle just to get home and not ever have to deal with it again. But the owner kept trying to beat me for the price so I walked.

I had a buyer come look at the Infiniti on Friday but he was short some cash. Im glad because this thing is a rock at them moment. I accidentally bought some JDM headlights for it that came in today. But they will just sit as I’m close to having the SC on the road. I just need to do:

1. Front caliper rebuild.
2. Bleed Brakes again
3. Wire Ganadors or throw them in the garbage
4. Install rest of interior.
5. Install skirts
6. Install diffuser
7. Install lighting crud
8. Oil Change
9. Spark plug change
10. Alignment
11. Install seats
12. Install hood vent
13. titties
14. Prep for paint
16. Car show
17. Your mother
‘s taxes.

Accidental purchase for the Q45. Anyone know the wiring for a zenki to kouki y33 headlight?

Sold my bike last night. Nice dude. Gave him good price since he came right away and I needed the bread.

First time I was actually sad to sell something.

And a redesign for ’14 for a local driver. We actually went another direction but he doesn’t want me to show the final result yet.

and a color study for a guy restoring his classic bird.

Yeah, you have to look carefully or you will be spending a rack of loot for nothing.

Lip service.

When I imported these wheels the fronts were pretty bad as if someone was chewing on them.

Seat came in finally. V2 Gias.

Got it on the bracket.

Cleaning of old silicone.

Back together.

Breaking apart the brakes. I need to get the pistons blown out. I don’t have a compressor.

For sale:

ED SC300 bumper

Speed Bleeders 639570 (fit Supra non turbo SC300 LS400 among other things. Pretty much all non 4 Pot Japanese calipers.)

Old Lips 2.5 inch (Fit VS-SD, VS-XX, Equip and any other 40 bolt Work wheel) OE Work lip with the diamond cutz.

M3 Arm rests

M3 door handles and speaker covers.

I did a logo last week for my friends Rich and Eric. They are starting a hydro dipping/ Powder coating business. I plan to take my calipers to him once I get the pistons out.

Then I filled my Q45 for the first time ever and almost had a heart attack.

and some info I thought I would pass along for anyone that may need it.

Blue Loctite
First layer of aluminum silicone

5 dorra shipped.

Friday I picked up a low mileage diff for the M3. I will install it this week once my ARP bolt comes.

Need to order Dzus fasteners for this. I cannot think of a better way to mount the lip. Of course I will after I cut the holes.

81 Virago delivered last week.

Artwork for a college friends office.

Feeling very stabby at the moment.

This morning I was driving to work and eating a left over jerk chicken platter. My allergies started to act up so I rubbed my eyes. Needless to say I almost crashed.


Lets take it back a few weeks. My M3 snapped a differential mounting bolt up in NY.

My friend drove me to Hackensack NJ with much chagrin to purchase an overpriced replacement. $32 and change.

After failing miserably I towed the car back to Philly.

BUT I forgot the overpriced bolt at my friends house. I asked him if he would ship it to me and I would pay him for his trouble. He saltily said he would do it the next week…

Two weeks later I bought a replacement differential. I asked my friend if he was able to ship the bolt to me.


So I decided to look for another bolt. I came across an ARP upgrade on Technica alskdjfa; I purchased the bolt and a week later (yesterday) it showed up. So I hustled and purchased a bunch of gear oil and things to get ready to put the bolt in. But something told me to test the bolt out.

The bolt did not fit.

So I email Technica and find out the bolt is only for E36 M3 and E46 NON M3.
Das Fux!!!!

If anyone wants this you can have it for $25 shipped.

So I text AND email my friend. “Hey, please send that bolt ASAP. I will PAY you for your time AND cover shipping.”
I guess he felt he has done enough for me?

So Technica says you can have $15 back but you have to cover shipping the bolt back to us.

Looks like I will go to YET ANOTHER dealership and purchase ANOTHER overpriced replacement then set my car on fire.

One the Lexus.
After taking apart my calipers I needed to get the pistons out. I didn’t have an air compressor so I dropped them off at a shop near my job that I have had a pretty long relationship with on a Wednesday. I expected them to be able to shoot the pistons out in 20 min and charge me maybe $20. After calling twice and showing up once with them not being even started on I was told they were ready.

“How much do I owe? “ I asked.
“Oh Ok….whoa wait what???”
“Yeah $150, it took him about an hour to get them apart and we charge $150 an hour.”
“Fugggggggg. Aight.”

So the total ended up being $116.and some change.

I should have just bought new calipers.

I go home to change the seals on the calipers and put them together.

I open the seal kit and THEY ARE THE WRONG DAMN SEALS.
I went online and email Cardone. They assure me the item Im about to buy is the right item and I only need qty:1. The next day they email me that I need two. I had to buy a second item and pay separate shipping.

Not sure if I am going to make it through today without stabbing someone.

While I was working on my calipers this thing fell out of one of the holes.

More inconsequential work.

City lights


Cool tank logo

No clue how old this gas is.

I tried cranking it but it was turning really slow. Come to find out there was 0 oil in it. ffffff.

Anyway, here is a render of what the Lexus might look like if I ever get it done.

I already have a cheap boring daily.

New diff installed in the M3. I got a sinus infection then died.

Finished the calipers.

Bike parts coming in. Rear sets, grips, and front wheel and tire.

What I thin I want to do with the Q45.

Been following a sweet FD build. Did a render of how it will look finished up…maybe?

Finalized logo for RPG

Some before and after. I’ve only really finished one car. The Maxima. I will finish the Lexus though.

Fastenal was the first place I checked. They didn’t even have the size and pitch much less the harness I needed. I just bought another OEM bolt.

Car is on the road. Drove it up to Englistown but didn’t drive ECB. Instead I ate pancakes and watched F1 at my friends house. Painted the hood vent temporarily so it doesnt stick out. The engine runs great but the suspension needs a lot of attention. LCA bushings are done. Alignment needs to happen after that too. The wing makes a massive difference. I still need to add the diffuser. Might be too much downforce then.

Ruiz promises to get this thing on the road this summer so we can whistle at biddies.

On the way back from a wedding on Sunday night I smashed into a raised manhole cover. Impossible to see. Construction area with no signs. Glad this was the only damage. I may try a different lip. This is the 3rd one I’ve been through and my 4th or 5th bumper. Ive lost count.

Memorial day I met up with a friend to get something from him. We ended up doing a [B]tiny[/B] bit of streeting.

Somehow ended up in FDR watching these guys.

Some werk.

I’ve been rolling paint colors around in my head. I really wanted to do a dark purple like Jonathan Prem has, but I may do a metalic flake black. Im not sure. Purple and red wheels might not look right but it may look amaze boolz. All I know is all the hard work Ive put in will not show until this thing is painted so that is my next big goal.

A forum bud from Club Lexus caught me slippin’. First weekend out lol.

Next up.

[QUOTE=LB2475;5650051]Checking back in almost a year after I first found your thread. I’m so stoked to see you still making moves on your whips man! Keep it up. Are you still making those american missile crisis shirts? If so I would love to put an order in for one.[/QUOTE]

I am although I have not re-order in a long time. Demand is a trickle. I should just re-stock.

[QUOTE=ehhhregartless;5647238]Can’t wait. Are you going to add the center vanes too?[/QUOTE]

I think center vanes and vortex generators for maximum not suckiness.

Saw this raw SC at Panda meet.

Thanks man. Very cool to hear!

I was not happy with my front end so I went back to a Wise lip. Sooo much better.

[QUOTE=Dolph_KYAS13;5663077]Please upload more pics of the countach I peeped on your instagram.[/QUOTE]

This is the only one that came out sadly.

[QUOTE=slidewayz240;5663187]Pretty sure I saw your car at the RSD event yesterday. If it was, it looked good. I have always wanted a sc300 and this thread has made it a need.[/QUOTE]

Thanks man. But let me give you some advice. Don’t drift an SC. Bad idea lol.

I took the M3 to Lightening at NJMP with a friend. They tried to fail me @tech for the stretched tires with the letters rubbed off, and being too low. But I jacked up the rear and they let me on. Car is faster than I give it credit for. Fun day. But before that I had to do brakes on both and bushings on the SC.

Ball joints were fine so I left the arms on the car.

Took a break to do a temp fix on my bumper.

One of the tires didn’t bead and leaked out so I had to get it remounted and new tires for the back.


The owner Collins daily.

Lightening is much faster than it looks. Fun elevation changes and hard braking. Great time. The instructors were very friendly except one dude who absolutely hated my car and wasnt afraid to let me know. Out of all the HPDE’s I’ve done this was probably the best group. Although there was lots of slow moving traffic.

I lost a sideskirt on the drive up. That’s two sideskirts lost to NJ.

Riding shotty in my friend Yao’s Z4M. This thing is a rocket and Yao is an excellent driver.

The next weekend was SC airtime. I drove it to work for a week to make sure all was ok.

Rich Whitebro’s beast behind me.

Even when I spin I make no smoke. Hat’s off to Richman for not t-boning me.

If you don’t get this, go one yourself.

And then…

I crashed.

Cool pic man, thank you.

[QUOTE=slidewayz240;5664054]I was set up right next to the RSD booth selling shirts and stickers. This is the only pic I have from the day.

From the little I watched it looked like a fun track. Seemed like a layout where you would have to shift between 2nd and 3rd to really have the car be happy. A few tight corners tossed on either side of some longer sweepers. I could definitely see where a solid handbrake would be needed to scrub off speed.[/QUOTE]

Man, it never registered to me that was a booth. I was looking at the car but didn’t see stuff for sale. I was on little to no sleep though.

Yeah I tried 3rd but the course was too slow for the car in 3rd, but too fast for 2nd. So I just kept bouncing off the limiter. I went off course a lot because I could not scrub speed before turns. Hit a lot of those curbs and actually debeaded a tire.