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Thanks Jeri. So much cussing but this song goes hard.

And this commercial just got me. Someone emailed it to me recently and it had me thinking about Nico, and the fact we were planning to go to Final Bout with the guys.


I was determined to do a Club Loose event this year. It had been 2 years since I had been on that track and it presented some challenges I wanted to surmount in the SC, namely the first entry. I had never done the course with a working ebrake and most of the time I had no power steering.

This time I had both so I was looking forward to the challenge. The car is heavy and not well suited to a track like this but I was satisfied by the end of the day. Next time will be even better.


This day was also our friend Jonny’s birthday. So we put together and got him a cake. If you look close at the picture below you can see us tearing into it. He was super surprised and really happy. That made the day!

Then we went and got Pizza and drove home.


Just Being Stupid…

Every car I had built up to this point was restrained. I did the safe road on them and while they looked good I wanted to go hard this time. So the over fenders, hood vent, red interior were all part of the plan. But I wanted to top it off with something I didn’t see on any other SC. A GT wing coupled with a low slung spoiler. I had no idea if it would work but I just did what I felt.

Test fitting the Bomex spoiler on the wingless trunk I wrapped Gold for extra nuts factor.

I measured and cut the bomex to fit around the GT wing and then painted it with some rainbow flake.

The gas flap broke off so I pulled one off my old shell and wrapped it to match the trunk. Kind of cool!

The homey David Lu caught me at work parked all alone.

White Castle…

After the oval event I was kind of drained. After about 4 years of trying to get the SC together and finally having a “successful” outing I just wanted to relax and not stress about getting into the garage. I didn’t even wash the car. I parked it in the garage and focused on getting back in shape and riding my motorcycle. Around this time my friend Nico passed away a week after my grandfather. Going to his funeral let me realize how many people have become important to me just through this hobby. I took some time out one weekend to go to visit Rich Whiteman aka Richman at his new house. It’s so huge I named it White Castle. The plan was to take a few shots of our cars together but it was stuck at the dyno. Tony from Freedom Motorsports came through and we just sat and talked all day. A good time. No work, no stress, just chill.

Kato saying “Bruh, What Are Thoooosee???”


I got an invite for a stylish car day at a private track. So after getting the car pretty I had to address the biggest issue on the SC. The power steering and the angle. Richman had cut up and welded my knuckles for me but I had not yet installed them.

Off with the front.

New rack.

Old out.

I wanted to get these coated but I didn’t even have time to paint them.

New knucks in.

As I was putting my AN fittings into the new rack I had a complete brain fart and used an impact gun.

Completely sheared apart the fitting. I was frantically calling places to see if they had any fittings for me to use. Then I remembered I had recommended my friend Punch to use the same lines that I had for his Cressida. but they turned out to be too short. I called Punch and he was going to take a lunch break and would meet me at his apartment and give me the brand new kit. I tried to pay him for it but he wouldn’t take any money. A great friend! I hustled back and got everything buttoned up. Thanks to Brent for driving me out to Punch’s. I would have missed the track otherwise. I didn’t take before or after pix of the angle but I noticed a big difference. I also ditched the rack spacer which for some reason blows the seals.

I took the SC out to “The Oval”, a private track near Penn State about 3 hours away. This was the first real test of the car since I redid the brakes and suspension. On the highway the car was smooth aside from some rubbing and sideskirt to road contact. My brother followed me out and my homie Punch met up with me at the track a few min. after we got there.

I love how low the car is and that it tucks rim under compression. Sadly the car has so little grip I may have to remove some camber.

Alex is an excellent driver. Hans Lessig takes some great shots too!

Some cheesy footage.

Overall the car felt good. I was happy with the angle. We could have gone a bit more aggressive but it was a vast improvement. The rack was smooth and I didn’t have to muscle the car as much. But I needed to get rid of some camber for more grip. The car had not a lot of forward bit mid drift.