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I visited VIR for a bike day.

The color on this 991 is super close to the LSB on my M3












Time to update…

Man, a lot has happened in summer 2017. I was blessed enough to go to two F1 races.
The first in Canada at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where Hamilton broke Senna’s pole record and was presented with a race worn helmet by the family.


Link to blog here:


Then Mexico where Hamilton secured the 2017 WDC.

Blog here:

Mexican F1GP 2017…


Car wise, things have changed.

I traded my 18/19 staggered Equips for an 1996 240sx with a VQ35 and CD09 from a 350Z already in it.

It’s not wired up yet and needs lots of time and money that I don’t have at the moment.

It was a dumb idea but whatever.

The interior is in pretty decent shape. The dash has no cracks.

The body however has dents, and clear coat peeling everywhere. No real rust though.


It’s a pile but I am happy to have another S14. These things are getting rare for real and the prices are stupid. So even if I have to sit on this thing for years before I finish it I will unless I can get a 95 or 97.

Engine looks in decent shape. Sitting outside in the weather has made this thing filthy though. Plus the tubs have been cut out.

Z calipers all the way around. Not fully bolted in or plumbed.

The pile of mess that came with it.

The few purchases I have made for it so far.

I finally got around to extending the LS400 lip for the Q45 and painting and installing the sideskirts. I also painted the grey trim on the car body color.

I have put in quite a bit of time and effort into this thing. Not a lot of money but sweat and frustration.

That was a major process but it MAJORLY improved the look of the car.

It’s crazy how just a tiny bit of aero can drastically change the look of a car.

No later than a week after I finished all this was the car sold. I was going to put the full VSSD set on the car and restore the paint. Sad to see it go.

I had been trying for two years to sell this car to replace it with a truck. All it needed was some aero. and paint.

The night I sold it. I had to drive to my friends Scott’s house to pick up some S14 wheels. Scott lives almost an hour from me. By the time I got home and swapped everything over it was almost 2 am before the new owner drove away.


While I miss that car it had to go to get something more practical. A mini van.



After doing stuff like this with my Lexus (wiring broke in Q45) I needed something to tow with and to carry tires to get mounted.



No trailer yet, but that is coming soon.

I did a little bit of driving. I think I’ve done 4 events this year. No grip or bike days this year unfortunately.

Man Zol out front in his IS300 at Piedmont



Piedmont is HELL on cars. The first entry is like 30% grade and you hit it straight on.

Then you can catch a little air at the 3rd turn and fully compress your passenger side suspension.

As a result my body work is taking a beating.

Local hero Chris Cotrupi leaving me for dead.

Whut is you doin’ baby?

Lip and overs are in need of attention. I plan on going to 19’s and my Vertex front is painted and ready to go on.

But at that point I don’t want to drive the SC at this track anymore to destroy it.

So I plan to have the S14 running for local events.

So I am waiting for a few things before I freshen up the Lexus. I want to keep driving while I finish the S14. I might just use the M3 for grip days or focus on bike days.

I realized SC’s look best on 19’s but do not have wheel clearance for decent sized tires. When I do go to 19’s I will have to run rubber bands OR raise the car.

You know what I’m here for.

Following Scotty too hotty at the end of a train. We all over the place.

Found some 19″ Equips in my storage.


Visited Asheville to see the eclipse.


Then played in the dirt.


Next up trailer and “restoring” the M3 to go to VIR for a few track days.