You're gonna get dumped on

Just Being Stupid…

Every car I had built up to this point was restrained. I did the safe road on them and while they looked good I wanted to go hard this time. So the over fenders, hood vent, red interior were all part of the plan. But I wanted to top it off with something I didn’t see on any other SC. A GT wing coupled with a low slung spoiler. I had no idea if it would work but I just did what I felt.

Test fitting the Bomex spoiler on the wingless trunk I wrapped Gold for extra nuts factor.

I measured and cut the bomex to fit around the GT wing and then painted it with some rainbow flake.

The gas flap broke off so I pulled one off my old shell and wrapped it to match the trunk. Kind of cool!

The homey David Lu caught me at work parked all alone.


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