You're gonna get dumped on

Knuck If You Buck Boy…

I got word recently that my homies SC went up in a fire. Super bummed about it. I plan to give him my old shell and all spare parts so he can get a ride out mobile asap.

I hit up my dude Richman to get my knuckles cut finally. The steering on the SC is insanely crappy. I installed a Maverick Motorsports rack spacer, and while it greatly improved the angle it has blown two racks. I spoke to Alex Pfieffer and he let me know that he has never been able to use one without blowing racks. So I decided to get my knuckles cut (although being against them in the past) as the SC has the worst angle stock.


While there and checking out the shop he let me know that he and his cousin Eric were going to be painting their cars that Friday. We had attempted to coordinate colors in the past, specifically LP2 Midnight purple but the paint was just too expensive. Eric had gotten a significant discount so I decided to jump in. I went home and immediately started to prep the car.


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