You're gonna get dumped on

The Bridge is Over Fenders…

I took a friday off to go over to my friend Collins shop. He was stopping in only for a short time to do a few things before he went to NY. But he was kind enough to let me use the space and tools to cut the car up for over fenders. I had to raise the car to get it to the shop as the speed bumps going to the shop were pretty big. That morning I pulled the car out the garage and jacked it up. I walked back to get a jack stand and heard a loud crash. The car fell off the jack. something made me wait to pull the wheels off and I’m glad I did. Twice I left for Collins shop and had to return to the garage to tighten the suspension. Hicas on full lock.

Electricity everywhere!

It took me a while to warm up to doing overs. The fact that the paint on this car was so bad made it easier.

I used a razor to mark where to cut.

One motion had cut the inner fender already so the bacon method was out the door. Once I started cutting I felt totally good about doing over fenders.

The entire quarter was bondo. So much that dust covered the shop and the car.

I didn’t want to cross the body line in case I decided to go back to metal flares.

Then I realized that was stupid.

My welding plus the contaminated metal and the not greatest welder made for some sucky welds.

Celebretory burnie.

On the way home all five passenger rear studs broke leaving me stranded. Luckily I had just gotten off the main road.

Before this the suspension felt great on the street.

Thanks to Jackie, Punch, and a fellow named Ron that stopped to help out I got it back home about 1:30am.

That Sunday I trimmed the overs to fit, i primed the welds, added fender liner, and filled the gaps with expanding Urethane.

Unfortunately I did not have the fitting I needed (M6) for my rivnut gun. So I ordered one and just mocked the quarters up.

Now that the quarters were sealed I was able to instal my rear seats finally. They make the car feel soooo much better. I have a few trim pieces to swap out and the belts still need to come out.

I also started to work on the ashy rear deck that had the GT wing on.

On a whip I decided to wrap it in Rose Gold. I stink at wrapping and it came out pretty bad. I had to cut it in two and sand the peeling clear coat down. I plan to get a Bomex rep spoiler to hide the seam.

That finally brings us current. I missed a ton and some is out of order but whatev.


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