You're gonna get dumped on

It’s been a…looong Decemberrr…

On the red SC I kept breaking the rear lip from dirt drops and general foolishness. So I found a company called Rideskins selling a urethane lip. It was $325 plus shipping but I figured it would last me forever. It fit like general stankness but whatever. AT least the back of the car didn’t look unfinished anymore.

I actually had a flat in this picture.

A friend who is pretty much responsible in some shape or form for almost all the wheels I have, Jonny, found some Weds for sale on Zilvia and I drove to NY to get them. The guy was pretty cool. He had just moved back from Japan and he told me of his drifting experience there. The drive to NY sucked so bad as I was in the SC. I was supposed to drive to a friends house and then we would take his truck up. But when I got to his house he was knocked out and did not wake up until I got the wheels. The ride actually shook some bolts loose in the car! But worth the trip.

Bumper number 7 and sideskirt #2 for the M3.

After searching for a few years for a decent priced legitimate Gardis 3 I found one on ebay in Thailand. I hopped on it despite the 3 month shipping estimate :/

3rd brake light delete and LED brake light

Failed attempt at flocking.

It only looks good wet.

Tire run. This never ends.

One of my favorite shots of the M3. Sat night after church.

Finally got around to installing the bride fabric.

The paint even looks sus in a render.

Early fall snow. Thanks PA

Jonny coming through again found these on YAJ. Finally a full set of Diablo’s as we call them.

They were in decent shape but in a bad need of polishing.

So the SC still far from done was put into “winter gear” and then eventually put in storage. I swapped the GT wing and hood vent for the hood and trunk from my SC400. I actually love the stock SC400 spoiler. And as much as I love the Equips on the SC they will not be staying.

Around this time Clazzio finally delivered my back seat. I hate gutted cars. They look so unfinished and uncomfortable.

There was no way to attach the back portion of the seat. I contacted the company and they had no clue why. They said to just tuck it in. So instead of waiting another 6 months for a new cover I just used hog rings.

Brake flush and bleed in attempt to make the hydro not suck.

On the way home from a doctors appointment I was hit by an SUV switching lanes. Not much damage but the suspension and the wheel.

But getting out of the car I slipped on ice twisting the ankle I just had surgery on.

Around this time I had been saving up to get another GSXR-600. I sold my 08 2 year prior and had messed around with cafe racers in between but the itch could not be scratched.

So I found a cheap GSXR that needed what I thought (was told) was minor work.

I rode it home and it felt decently solid. But I soon found out it was pretty botched together. I still currently cannot get it to charge properly.

The seat came a bit early! I wasn’t quite ready for it but happy that it came in one piece.

Macho Man Randy Savage inspecting it.

To my parts pile it goes.

Suspension and brakes among other parts just piling up.
Driftworks rear camber arms.

EBC Yellow stuff front pads

finally got my divorce pipe back from being modified. It only took 10 months! But it was free so whatever…

recessed so you can actually bolt it down.

I also did something I thought I would never do. I bought overs. Test fit.

Taking apart the old PBM’s to redo.

You’re not helping.

Anti-seize on all the arm and threads. I learned my lesson.

designed some stickers for Lexus heads.

Off roading in the Q

Did the M3 coils, plugs, and valve cover gasket to fix the misfire at high RPM. Worked like a snake charmer.

Took a mini vacation for a 4 day trip to a winter cabin. Frozen lake was so good.

Took a trip to the homie Richman. We split a set of 235/35/18 KDW’s for fronts. Mounting them was fun as you can see.

Full set finally together.

All in an effort to emulate probably the best car I’ve done.

Another Flat

I lent Mishimoto my M3 to develop a radiator and oil cooler. Because most BMW guys hate the styling of my car they attempted to bail on the deal. But to their credit they did send over the parts for free. Just no install. Whatever.

Then another flat.

TRIED to polish the front Equips.

Panda Junction 2015


This was a Herculean task. Insane how much time and energy it took just to get the arms OFF the car.

Working in this space was just insane. So cramped, dark, and worst of all no electricity.

But I got it done. Pulling the car out of the garage. It was too low to get out. It actually got stuck so i had to jack it up and raise the front.

Test fitting the over fenders.

I bought an LS400 lip for the Q45 but its about an inch too short. Evan wanted to try it on his GT0 and it fit almost perfectly. Here its being held up by nothing.


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