You're gonna get dumped on

The blunder years…

If you read the first entry that will take you up to last year about June? I’m not sure. This will fill you in during the media blackout hopefully. I stopped using my camera as well so there will be plenty of horrible cell shots.

But first!

My friend Michael “Trainwizard” Pearson was kind enough to take some pictures of all three cars for me. At this point I had lowered the Q45 and was using it as a daily while I worked on the SC and the M3 pretty much sat. So I had a few friends over to drive the cars for me while Mike took shots.

Jonny in the Q45 looking like a hitman. (click on the photo for full size)

Evan in the M3.

This wheel fitment killed me, so terrible.

…and me in my favorite of all three, the SC.

We stopped at the carwash to clean up the horrible paint some.

Jonny had some difficulty with cleaning the Q45.

M3 in dire need of a paint correction.

Lexus just in need.

When I first got this car I turned it down. It was in such bad shape I told the owner to take it back. He had driven up from Baltimore so he watned to make a deal. I got it for much less than the asking price and the only selling point was that it was an OEM 5 speed. Nothing else on it was sweet. The suspension was destroyed and the body work was just terrible. This picture shows that pretty well. You can also see the scratch on the car and black spray paint where One Motion backed their trailer into it.

3 cars I’ve wanted since I was a kid (except the M3, I always wanted an E36 M3). I would have been happy with one out of three, never did I imagine I would own all of them. God is good.


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