You're gonna get dumped on

Paint Preperation H…

With 2 days to get ready for paint I needed to swap my chewed up front fenders for the straight ones I bought about two years ago. I also needed to clean up this weird rubber spashing on the car. This chassis had some super strange stuff with it since I got it. Actually when I saw it in person I decided not to buy it. But Ali who was selling it gave me a decent deal. Being that it was a 5 speed manual car I bought it. But I wish I went with a nicer body.

Having a small garage with no light has its drawbacks. As darkness fell I had to use touch more than sight. I cut myself so many times and smashed many parts of my body.

I had a spare bumper and new sideskirts as well to get painted. I put the fiberglass bumper on because I knew I would not have a truck to carry the spare and the oem could be folded into a car.

This is the reason I went to a 235/35/18. The frame on the SC is insanely low and 40 series would get caught on transitions. The car bottoms out but I went with a 20kg spring to try and limit that.

Installing stuff months after you get it is such a bad idea. I found out while putting the drivers side fender on that ALL the mounting holes not under the hood were broken off and missing. So I fitted it the best I could in the dark. I had to hammer the lips flat as well since I didn’t have my fender roller. So they came out pretty bad. I should be able to smooth them out with the roller later though.

My neighbor friend Nate loaded up the bumper in his Camaro and we drove 1.5 hours to Eric’s house to drop the car off.

Then Eric showed up with the other cars. FC and S13 both LSX making around 400hp each. Boss.


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