You're gonna get dumped on

Stank Booty Gets Paint…

Eric sent me a photo to let me know how much he loved my car and its horrendous body.

Rich texted me a few times to let me know the prep on my car was taking longer than expected. I tried to warn them!

I did a few things to get it ready but couldn’t get to it all. I fixed a hole in my rear bumper, and a few other plastic spots, got rid of a bunch of tar and a mystery rubber all over the car.

This was the next shot I saw and I was amped. I decided to go with no added pearl and I’m glad. Eric and Rich’s cars looked nuts but I wanted a more simple quiet look since my car isn’t making 400hp and I don’t drive nearly as good as those dudes.

Matchy Matchy

Car could use a good cut and buff.

Monday I got the car home and started to assemble it.

My ocd was screaming when I dropped it off knowing it wasnt going to be perfect but I was super happy with how it came out for what it was.

A spot on the bumepr I filled that previously was for DZus fasteners. I didn’t prep it right and the paint just seeped into it.

It can always be touched up later!

Thursday night I took the car to my local home depot parking garage and finished attaching everything. New roof spoiler and some other additions.

Fixed a few issues with the headlight and got the alignment a bit closer in. It was way way way off in a rush to get the car drivable to paint.


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