You're gonna get dumped on

#BDD Juneteenth @ US Air

Black Dudes Drift got together for the first annual Juneteenth drift event.

Simba was good enough to host us at a track I have wanted to drive forever. Homies from Arizona, Cali, Ohio, NC, and other places were going to meet up and drive a 2 day Club FR event. The list was long in the beginning but as always people flaked.

I was set to meet up with my good friend Ryan whose birthday track day allowed me to first test my 328i. Sadly it was smushed and would not be available for the trip. The track was probably best suited for that car and not my boat of an SC.

I had sold off my old aero but had not fitted the new aero yet and did not want to destroy it before getting the car painted. So I found some old spare aero and cobbled together a somewhat ok looking car for the trip. I had not driven the SC in almost a year. I didn’t even change the oil.

I loaded up and headed to meet up with Ryan.

About 2 hours to the boarder at 5am, and another 14 from there.

We were the last to arrive as we had to stop in Milwaukee to pick up our media guys.

We had a good sized house to ourselves not far off the lake.

After unloading we decided to go to the store and get groceries. Just about everyone took turns cooking. We did not eat out once during the weekend.

Friday night we cruised the town and went go karting.

The locals were super friendly and some even came out to the even the next day.

Saturday was day 1 of 2. We loaded up one truck with all our tools and spares instead of trailering everything to the track. The SC gave me a hard time starting and did not want to stay running. But eventually we all made it to the famous US Air.

I didn’t take any photos as we had our media guys shooting video and photos. Hopefully we can see that soon. The SC was losing power and blowing intercooler couplers all day. Joe had a slight wreck, Ryan had no ebrake and lost some aero,and Jamar lost power steering. It got to the point where I could not even break traction on the front course. I should have spent the night working on it but Saturday night we had another cookout. Good vibes, great conversation, laughs and food distracted me.

Sunday we loaded up for day 2. No matter what I tried the SC would not run. So I went in the truck to watch everyone and just talk with the local folks.

We loaded up for one more night at the house. I had to go buy a winch to get the car back on the trailer. Cooked our final meal and went to sleep. We gave our final daps and left early morning.

Ryan and I headed south.

I had purchased spares for the trip but received the wrong sizes. So I stopped and picked up some spares. Its a good thing too…

A local caught us speeding through Chicago.

When I finally made it home I discovered the fuel pump ECU had gone bad. Very annoyed that I didnt get to drive hard at the track for such a stupid reason. But I will be back.

Here’s a preview of the footage from our media guys.


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