You're gonna get dumped on


I recently left the north east and moved back to the dirty souf. I did some research before I left and found there was a place of drift not far from me. Also a track I have always watned to drive, VIR, is fairly close as well as the Blue Ridge parkway and some other interesting spots.

But before that a quick catch up. I stripped the rest of the old chassis and had the car towed off. A huge load off my shoulders.

One last rompe at Richmans

One day while cleaning out the garage I dropped a tie rod on the back glass of the SC so I had to take it to get replaced. Expensive and hard to find.

I put everything up for sale with the plans to let go of whatever sold first. Hoping the Q45 would go first so I could get a truck for a daily, however the Bike sold first. I was sad but not really.

As a going away gift I got to see a RWB creation and ran into an old classmate of mine.

I can’t find the picture but Damien Bagley hooked it up on shipping. The SC and M3 went on his trailer and I towed the Q45 down behind the Moving truck and the Virago was inside.


I had a week off before work so I went out to a few meets to get a feel for the area. A photographer caught some images of the SC.

I wandered around and did a few of the M3.

And some of the Q.

Attended a Food Truck Festival/ Car show in Greensboro.


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