You're gonna get dumped on


I can’t find the photos but when I got home I started looking for new ways to correct camber aside from the crappy drift works uppers. I contacted Figs but they weren’t super helpful and dragged their feet on giving me an answer. So I hit up Megan and they were extremely helpful. Installing the arms was a pain mainly getting the old ones out. They clearly had not been removed since the car was built. I ended up having to cut them out and buying new hardware from Lexus. It took about a week to do. I finished just in time for the second event of the summer. I had also installed new Megan fronts to replace my old TC Sportlines. I measuring tape aligned the car and went back to the track. The car felt much better. I was still having issues with my PS despite the new lines and fluid. But a vast improvement.

Also tried to go get some tires mounted and it didn’t work because the Infiniti got a flat.

Much more forward grip.


Pointing out where to avoid if you don’t want your oil pan or suspension broken.

Many more runs this time.

Taking the punk line. Those tractor tires are scarier than a K-Rail.


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