You're gonna get dumped on

Miatas Make You Like Male Genetalia

It’s been a long standing belief that Miata owners are closet botti men.

Despite being a very well built and fun car, straight men all over had to deal with this stigma. Being teased and joked on at track days and car meets.

Well at least I thought it was a joke. Until now.

The man driving this car is Danny George.

He is a relatively new and popular NASCAR driver who made it big with a start up idea that offered a picture space for a donation.

With a fitting name and a spotter/life partner Dan Brockett, he has literally made smoke in the “sport”.

If you donated your face became part of his livery. But it also became part of the debauchery.

These Pro’s Aint Loyal. Mr. Brockett seen here cheating on Mr. George, may have had a psycological effect on Danny’s driving, and therefore an effect on the outcome of his placement in NASCAR. Because he is nowhere to be seen in the points standings.

NASCAR seems to not only be ok with this, but encourage it. Surprising given their macho persona.
We here at SpeedDumpers do not deny the right for anyone to choose who they love, but if you want to stay straight you might want to pick another car.


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