You're gonna get dumped on


Try Hard

The internet ruins just about everything. I know Al Gore meant well when he created it, but I am sure even he is face palming right about now. ┬áThese days everyone is doing it for the vine, posing for the camera, selfie-ing, and pretty much just trying too hard. Cars are at the top of that list. People do up cars for personal reasons, but lets be real, it always feels good when someone appreciates it. But that last factor has now become the main reason. People have becoming famous in the fore front of their minds. Drift cars with instagram handles on them for photographers to tag them, cars with super rare parts that don’t match just for wow factor, cliche trends mashed together just to get in the latest e-magazine.

If you find yourself changing the look of your car every “season” then you might be part of the problem. Close the internet and take a breath.